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Football - Referat


I want to inform you about Football.


When football really invent is not sure. But the oldest tips came from China. Already 4000 years ago the Chinese knows a game that they told “Ts’uh Küh” (shut the ball with feeds). At the time the ball had an diameter of 20 cm and it was filled with hairs or feathers. But later they took balls that were filled with air. The handover of football to Europe was very rough. In characters of the old Greece we know, that there were ball games at this time. They told them Episkyros (ballbattle). In 1875 football came to Germany, because a football team of the University Oxford in England travelled to Germany. At most of the universities they could faszinate the students for the game. A short time afterwards there were the first football team in Germany.


When football came to Germany the rules looked like rugby. That’s why the year 1863 is counted the year of birth. On October 26th 1863 the first football association was founded in London. The member of these association made strong rules an seperated football from rugby.

5 of the most important rules

be offside: the judge referee, when the storm of the other team is in front of the defense of
the other team at the pass.

throw-in: is when the ball is shut out of the sideline. Then the other team must throw the
ball into the pitch.

kick of: is at the start of the game, after all scored goals and after the halftime.

penalty: after a foul or played with hands in the penalty area

free kick: after a foul or played with hands out of the penalty area


During a footballmatch there are 11 people of each team on the field. These storm and the middle field is told the attack. The attack must be good enough to dribble out the other team and score a goal. In a team they must play with one another because one player alone can’t win.

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