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Sports and RecreationFlorida’s climate attracts millions of tourists each year. The famous sport are boating, jogging, water skiing, skin diving, and hunting. Florida also has in Orlando there are Disney World and Epcot Centre.Sebring and Dayton Beach are famous for car races.

LandFlorida is a large peninsula which lays between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is a country in the southbound of the USA. The nearby states are Georgia and Alabama. Florida is the 22d largest state, with an area of level, and the highest point, an unnamed spot in above sea level. Flordia’s coastline is 2175km long. In Florida there live 14 million peoples. The capital is Tallahassee. The largest towns in Florida are Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa. In San Francisco there is a famous bridge the Goldengatebridge. Rivers and lakesFlorida has only four big rivers, there are all in the northern part. The largest river is the Apalachicola. The second biggest river is the Suwannee. Two other large rivers Saint Johns and the Escambia. There are many hundred lakes in the south there’s Okeechobee. The south of Florida is covered by swamps and marshs eg. Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp

Plants and Animals The types of plants that grow in Florida often vary greatly

over short distances.One of the most beautiful flowering trees is the royal Poinciana. Palms grow in the southern part of the state, and grow orange trees. Such animals are the black bear, Key deer (Hirsch), wild cat, gray fox, and Florida panther.Small animal such as rabbit, opossum (Beutelratte), and squirrel (Eichhörnchen).Florida has some 700 species of fish in the river, lakes, and coastal marine water. Very common (gemeinschaftlich) are mullet, trout, bass, red snapper, pompano, and catfish. The great sport fish are sailing and tarpon. Shrimp, lobster, crabs, and clams.

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