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Florida what you should know - Referat

Florida is a state in the southeast of the USA. It is also know as the Sunshine State.
Florida comes from the Spanish and means ´´fully from flowers´´ (Dt. Voll von Blumen)
The abbrevation for Florida is FL.
The capital of popular holiday state is Tallahassee. Florida is a peninsula.
In the east lies the Atlantic, in the west and the south the gulf of Mexico. The Climate of Florida and many beaches do it an interesting place for visiter and vacationers from all over the world.Universally Studios, Iceland of Adventure, Bush Gardens Africa and Seaworld, Walt Disney World Resort with the Parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios und Animal Kingdom are big centres of attraction for tourists.
A famous national park is the Everglades national park.
The highest point is just 2,4 metres over the sea level.Many footpaths and water ways are closed by a strong hurrican season 2005.
Big cities:


Jacksonville is a city in the federal state Florida (county Duval county) in the United States of America. Jacksonville is a seat of the county management, the city richest in population of Florida and at the same time with 2,264.5 km ² the according to surfaces biggest city of the USA. The city lies directly with the Atlantic in northern Florida, and lies close to the border with the federal state Georgia. Jacksonville is a modern, quickly growing industrial location. The Saint Johns River flows near Jacksonville into the Atlantic.

It lies in the US federal state Florida and is 254.5 km ² groß.es 156.612 and a population density of 615 inhabitants have km ². It lies 60 metre about the sea level

The most famous cities in Florida Miami is a close settled city in Miami River in the Miami-Dade county in the US federal state Florida, the USA, with 382.894 inhabitants and seat of the county management. The city has a size of 143.1 km ².
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