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Florida - 6.Version - Referat

Table of contents

1. general things
2. Inhabitants
3. the name
4. history
5. wheater and farming
6. holiday in Florida
7. amusement parks
8. hurricanes
9. The Everglades
10. Big cities

1. general things

Florida is in the southeast corner of the USA.The neighbour states are Alabama in the north and Georgia in the north-west. In the east is the Atlantic Ocean and in the west there is the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is a peninsula(water surround the state from 3 of 4 possible sites). The inhabitans from Florida are called Floridians.


In Florida lives over 16 million people. Florida is just half so big as Germany.About 80%from all inhabitants are white people, 10% are black and 9% are Hispanics. Hispanics are the people who come from the middle of America to Florida, e.g. from Mexico or Latin America.

3. the name

The first european who came to Florida was Juan Ponce de Leon from Spain. Probably, he gaves Florida its name but it磗 not sure. The name Florida means Flowers.Today, Floridas nickname is Sunshine State but earlier, Florida was called the 创southernmost State创 but since Hawai joined to the USA, Florida chainged its nickname into Sunshine State because Florida is very sunny and has many beautiful beaches. An other reason that Florida becomes the nickname 创Sunshine State创 is its temperature. In summer,its very hot and the sun often shines long.


You can磘 say for sure when the first people came to Florida. Probably the first persons arrived after the end of the Ice age in America from Asia about 10 000 years ago.
They were hunters, fishermen and collectors and mainly settled on the coast. The most interrested tracks those natives left are the 创 mounds创. The mounds are little mountains which were founded because of different reasons.
Just a few of the natives surived after the europeans settlers fell into their country in the 16th century. They died in fights or by diseases which the White men brought into their region.

5. wheater and farming

Florida hasn磘 the for seasons. Florida磗 sunny climate is an attention,too.

Because of the warm Climate, it is possible to plant vegetable all over the year. So, you can buy vegetable also in the winter season. Florida sells those vegetables to the noth fot high prices. They also plants fruit e.g. grapefruit or citrons. This plants love the warm Climate und the sun.

6. holiday in Florida
During the summer, it磗 graet to surf up of the waves and to enjoy the beaches. In Florida, there grows lot磗 of palm trees. Florida has also famous national parks or famous fun parks like the Walt Disney Wold.
So many tourist comes to see this attractions.They also come to Florida because Florida has really beautiful beaches and the 创Miami Beach创 is very attractive.
The tourism is a big field of enomy in Florida. Over 40 millions of touristsbring billions of dollars to the state Florida each year.Half of all working people are employed in service allready.

7.amusement parks

Walt Disney World

Nearly Orlando xou can find the Disney world. Every year over 50 millions oy Americans and tourists visited this amusement park. Its one of the most famous parks over the world. By now, it磗 the biggest park
wirt over 12.000 hectar.

Magic Kingdom

It磗 the most popular park of the amusement parks.About 50 000 people visit it every day. The record was 92 000 visitors.

EPCOT Center

EPCOT is the abbrevation of:
创 Experimental prototype community ot tomorrow创

It should show a city of the future and in comparison. It磗 a place for learning about technology and progress.

Disney- MGM Studios

In teamwork with MGM Disney opened this theme park. There you can look behind the scenes of movie. It`s a combination of fun park and real film studios. Tarzan, Indiana Jones, Alien or Casablanca become here their live. In 揟he Making of ... stunts and tricks of movie production are shown.

Disney磗 Animal Kingdom

The youngest Disney Theme Park celebrated its five-years-birthday in 2003. It抯 a mixture between zoo and fun park.

Universal Studios

The movie park 揢niversal Studios has competed with Disney-MGM Studios. There you can see Jaws, King Kong or Jurassic Park. The main attractions are further 揈arthquake, the 揥ild Wild West Stunt Show and the 揗en in Black Alien Attack-Ride.

Sea World Adventure Park

Besides the Universal Studios Sea World is the biggest competitor to Disney World in Florida.It started in the 70ies with a few aquariums, sea animals in pools, the popular killer whales and dolphins.

Cape Canaveral / The Kennedy Space Center

The first people started off to the moon from the 揔ennedy Space Center. It is a real must for Florida travelers to go there and also interesting for persons who usually don抰 care for techniques and sciences.

In the open-air exhibition, called 揜ocket Garden you can see different rocket models as for example: Space Shuttle Explorer, the German V2 and the giant Saturn V.

You can do a bus tour over a part of the real NASA area. There you can see how rockets are built, where they launch and where the countdown runs.

8. hurricanesThe hurricane saison in Florida is beetween June and november. In this time, the people in Florida are scared by several hurricanes. Those storms destroyed all things in their way.

9. The Everglades

The Everglades is a national park about 70 kilometres southwest of Miami. It cover 5700 km of Florida. It磗 a giant swamp land, a green water country with saw grass and a few small hills. The water comes from Lake Okeechobe which is located 100 km away.It磗 not a spectual area like other ones in America but it磗 special anyway.For visitors it磗 special to listen to the birds or to watch the animals( alligators or crocodiles) and plants. You can also visit the alligator farms and see how the alligators grow up.

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