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Floorball - Referat

Floorball an indoor hockey-game:
(English, International: Floorball, Swedish: Innebandy, Finish: Salibandy)

History: A lot of people say that they have invented Floorball, but for the first time Floorball was played in the USA as „Floorhockey“ with a puck on small goals without goalkeepers in the 1950s.
Floorball as we play it today was designed in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland in the 1970´s.

Equipment: You need a shirt, short pants, non-marking shoes for the gym and an „IFF“ certificated stick. This stick must not be longer than 105 cm and not heavier than 380 grams. The stick is made of plastic or carbon. There are different kinds of blades on the stick for example the curve on the blade is individual .

Rules: Bodychecks are not allowed, they are punished with a two minutes disqualifcation or in hard cases with a five minutes disqualification. It is also not allowed to throw your stick or make blows with your stick. You must not pass or score a goal with the feet but you are allowed to take along the ball with the feet. Since the world cup 2002 in Sweden it´s forbidden to pass back to the goalkeeper. The keeper has no stick.

∑ Standard size court (40x20 meters): You play with five players and one goalkeeper on the field. In on team there are between 15 and maximum 20 players. The substitution of players may take place at any time and an unlimited number of times during a match. The main purpose is to score more points than the opposite team. You play with one goalkeeper two defense player, one center and two forward players in the offense. The duration of one game is three times 20 minutes, in the case of a tie result after 60 minutes a penalty shooting takes place. The playing time is effective this means that the time is interrupted.

∑ Small court (24x24 meters): You play with three players and one goalkeeper on the field. There is no limit of the number of players in one team. You play two times 15 minutes with a two minutes break. Small courts are used in countries where Floorball is not very popular or for junior teams.

Every court is enclosed with 50 centimeter high banks. The goal cages are 1,60m x 1,15m x 0,65m.

The IFF: The International Floorball Federation was founded in1986 in Husquarna/Sweden by the three founder members: Sweden, Finland, Switzerland. Nowadays the IFF has 38 members.

References: www.wikipedia.de/floorball

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