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Filmanalyse Vaya con Dios und Hall of Fame - Referat

My Hall of Fame

Sir Peter Ustinov

Sir Peter Ustinov is one of greatest actors of the last century. He is such a brilliant actor because of his seriousity.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is called a good actor by me because he plays very different characters. In „Gladiator“ he is the strong man, a hero. But in „A Beautiful Mind“ he is a math genie at a university.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors because of his coolness. In most films he is the cool guy. Most of his films are action films.

Woody Allen

Woody Allen is a great actor and writer because of his scuril storys. He is a comidiant with non superficial humor.

Gérard Depardieu

Gérard Depardieu is a good actor because he is playing his rolls credible. His well-known movies are „Greencard“ and „Asterix and Obelix“.

William Shatner

William Shatner is a good actor because of his roll in Star Trek and T.J. Hooker. Exept of this he has some small rolls in films like „Showtime“.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is in the first way one of the greatest Shakespeare actor. His populatity increased with his roll in Star Trek. Exept of Star Trek he plays many serious rolls.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts got known by films like „Pretty Woman“ or „Notting Hill“. Well-known is her unmistakable smile.

Mario Adorf

Mario Adorf is one of the last great actors of Germany. His coolness and seriousity make him to what he his. When you see him acting you could get the impression it is real.

Great Actor

A great actor is characterised by his way to play. If one is a great actor cannot only be counted by the succes of his films. He must have something special so you believe his roll.

Vaya Con Dios

Film review

Vaya Con Dios is a road-movie directed by Zoltan Spirandelli. After the death of their abbot three monks of the Cantorianer Order, Benno, Arbo and Tassilo, have to take the book with their rules to the last monastery of their order. They have to move from Germany to Italy by foot. After a short while they meet Chiara. She is stranded with her cabrio in the wilderness and finds no way back. Together they drive to the mother of Tassilo. Now the problems start. Benno wants to arrive as fast as possible in Italy but Tassilo wants to stay some days by his mother he has not seen for many years. Tassilo stays but Benno and Arbo are going on. In one city Benno meets Father Claudius, a Father of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order and Cantorianer Order had been enemys in the same religion. But Father Claudius offers Benno his life's work, the libary of notes and music from the Jesuit Order. But Claudius only wants to have the book with the order‘s rules. Now Arbo is on his own. Arbo was given after his birth into the monastery, so he doesn’t know the world outside. Fast he looses his heart to Chiara. But who will bring the book to Italy?
I think this is a very beautiful film. The story which is told shows that the aim of live is not the consum. There is more than this. This movie throws a new light on our life. It shows that everybody has its own place in this world and we have the task to find it.

The director

Zoltan Spirandelli was the director and the writer of Vaya
Con Dioa. Vaya Con Dios was the first movie of Zoltan Spirandelli for the cinema. His first films were sent on television. Mostly he was making short movies before. Zoltan Sirandelli was born in 1957 in Königstein in the Taunus. First he studied „opera direction“ in Hamburg. At the same time he studied „film“. He always tries to connect theater and movie. In his short movie „Der Hahn ist tot“ which gets international honor, he achive the watchers to join in singing the song with. In 1993 his movie „Wie Erwin Stuntz den Sexfilm drehte“ got the „Bundesfilmpreis“.

Background information

First of all, there had never been an order of Cantorianer. This order is fiction of the director. And if there had been one they would not been heretics like it is told in the film. There are many differet orders and there would had been a place for the Cantorianer. Some orders are looking for knowlege to serve god like the Jesuit order and some are looking for esthetics to praise God by art or singing. Every order has rules. These rules are writen in books. If the Cantorianer had lost there book it would meen the loose of their way of life.


The Soundtrack of Vaya Con Dios is a wonderful choral of the music the monks sing in their monastery. Most of the music are praises of God which are in Latin or German. In one scene the monks stand in a mountain-cleft and sing. It sounds fenomenal with the reverberation of the natur. The actors had got sining lessons before the shooting singof the film to have the right movement of the mouth. In the film itself they were synchronisated.

Radio advertisment

Imagine you have never leave your home; Imagine you have never seen outside; Imagine you have to walk from Germany to Italy be foot; Imagine you are a monk. Vaya Con Dios tells the story of three monks on their way to Italy though the willderness of the natur and our zivilation. They have never seen outside their monastery. But suddenly there jumps a woman into their lives.

The diagram on page 59

The diagram on page 59 shows what elements of a movie have an effect on us and how it impress us. The movie is divided in picture and sound. The visual effects of the picture are colour, lighting or slow motion etc. Action consists of main action and background action. These things of a movie can impress our eyes differently. Additional our ear is impressed by the sound. First of all there is the dialogue. You hear what is said. Than there are sounds in the background. There can be noise or conversations. Not to lose the music. Music can impress our emotion on different ways. There is instrumental music or music with lyrics. Altogether these make a movie.

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