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Farewell, my lovely by Raymond Chandler - Referat

Farewell, my lovely


Philip Marlowe: a private detective
Velma: a beautiful woman
Moose Malloy: after he was in prison, he was looking for Velma
Marriott: a criminal

One day private detective Philip Marlowe met a man called Moose Malloy. He was in prison for eight years and after he got free, he was looking for his girlfriend Velma. In this eight years Velma was very successful in business and she got rich. She changed her name, her address and her whole life. But an old women and a man called Marriott found out about her story and started to blackmail her. Velma was afraid to tell anybody about that.
But Moos Malloy instructed Phillip Marlowe to find Velma. The woman was afraid that the detective would find out, what’s going on, so she killed the old women and Marriott, the only two, who knew her secret. But before she killed Marriott, she gave a chart in his pocket, to play a trick on the detective. So she hoped Philip Marlowe would never know about the black-mail.
But the detective was too clever and after some time he found out that Velma had killed them, and everything about the blackmail.
When Moose Malloy found Velma, she was so afraid to tell him the truth and so she killed him too. After some time Velma was found by the police and taken to prison.

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