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Falco - Referat

Must I die then to life? This question comes from Falcos song "Out of the dark, into the light. Maybe he was right, because after his death there rose the album of the same name on place 1 of the charts. Falco was born on the 19th February in Vienna under the middle-class name Johann Hölzel. He was the only survivor of triplets. These died during the pregnancy. Already at the age of 4 years he got his first piano as a gift. From now on the love for the music determined his life. Later he become a passionate bass guitar player. His first own money, as a singer earned he with the bands spinning wheel and drahdiwaberl. Now he would be called Falco to experience a high-altitude flight like the ski jumper Falko Weisspflog. He changed the K to a C, so that he could better international marktet himself. The fligh-altitude was not missing long. He experienced it with the solo number Ganz Wien. It became very fast to the cult hit oft the New Wave sence of Vienna. Falco achived with the Kommissar nationwide as international the breakthrough. The song der Kommissar could be topped only by the song Amadeus. That song even was on place one of the american charts. To escape international pressure a little, he moved to the dominican republik in 1996. Even his privitlife wasn't easy. Falco was a bipartite personality. On the one side the neurotic, excessive, removed art figure Falco and on the other side the privat, sensitive, vulnerable, charmingly Hansi Hölzel, who was constantly searching of love. He had many broken relations. Johann married his girlfriend Isabella Vitkovic in 1988, who has got the supposed common daughter Katharina Bianca two years before. This marriage held only one year and in 1993 it turned out, that Falco wasn´t the father of Kathrina. His last relation was with a Student namend Andrea in 1997. She last him on January in 1998. Falco often steered the
attention on himself with alcohol and drugs problems. In february happend something horrific, what nobody could foresee. Everywhere in the media was to be read. The falcon has taken off for ever. On Friday the 6th February on 1998, this fright announcement provided for international grief and dismay. Falco was died, He became a victim of a tragic car accident. A too quickly moving bus crashed him. Falco alias Johann Hölzel was died right away. How was proved later he had alcohol and drugs in the blood. He died on a crossroad like James Dean.

To sum up, Falco was a great Austrian artist. With four number one hits he belongs to the most succesful artists in the German chart since 1980. He produced a total of 9 albums.

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