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Fahrenheit 451 - Referat


Person characterization

Guy Montag - He is the protagonist of Fahrenheit 451 and Mildred Montags husband. He is a fireman but not the typical kind of a fireman. Instead of extinguishing fires, he sets on fires by burning books. He makes that because he hates books. After Clarisse’s death, he starts reading books to search an answer to his problems. With the time, Montag begins to like them. As he becomes so attached to books, he doesn’t burns them anymore and his interest in saving books grows and grows.
In general, Montag often seems very clumsy and he quickly forms unnormal strong attachments with anyone who seems open to a friendship with him.
What makes him so unhappy in life, is that he doesn’t has a good partnership with his wife Mildred.

Mildred Montag – She is a cold, sick and weak person, who is addicted in watching TV and taking pills. Watching television helps her to avoid confronting herself with her life and the conflicts within herself. Furthermore, she refuses (open) conversations with her husband who she doesn’t understand and even has no desire to do so.
One day, she even tries to commit suicide and afterwards she refuses it to acknowledge. After her, books make someone, or better the society, unhappy.
All her attachments goes to the “family”, the soap opera which she watches all the time.

Clarisse McClellan – Is a beautiful, out-going, seventeen-year-old and a free-minded individual. She is an outsider in the society and disliked by teachers for asking “why” instead of “how” during the lessons. In addition, Clarisse loves the nature and life. In contrast to other people of her age, she enjoys dandelions, walks in the rain, hiking, autumn leaves, asking questions and so on. She reveals Montag the absence of love, happiness and content for his life. Further, she helps him to think about what is going wrong with the society and the life he lives. Thanks her, he finds out how empty his life is . From the moment on, on which Montag meets her, he changes his way of living and make him start thinking about important things in/of life.
Later on, Clarisse dies in a car-accident.

Captain Beatty – is the captain of Guy Montag’s fire department. His purpose is to find out and destroy books because he wants to destroy the basis of free thought. With lecturing Montag, he tries to prevent him to start getting interest into books. In the end of the book, Captain Beatty gets killed by Montag with the firethrower that has burned many books and within hopes, before.
Actually the captain accepts his death and afterwards Montag even realizes that the chief wanted to die, because of also being not satisfied with his life.

Professor Faber – A formed, intellectual English professor who got encountered by Montag a year before the story begins. The two, Faber and Montag work together against their oppressive society. Fabers attitude to Montag is contrasting: On one hand he helps Montag to think independently and on the other hand, he wants to dominate him.
in all, both of them seem very naive and gullible.

Granger – The clever, patient, confident and intellectual author is the chief of the “Book people”. This is the group of hobo intellectuals which Montag finds in the country after fleeing from the Hound and the police.
He speaks respectfully of his grandfather and he beliefs, that as long as someone contributes to the world, your life has been important. In the end, when the city is destroyed, he helps Montag and the others (intellectuals) to build a literated society.


In my opinion, the books purpose is that people should start thinking for themselves and not only let the TV or government do it. With reading books, people can enlarge their general education.

How is family life portrayed in the novel? Connection between family life and structure of society!

The partnership between Montag and Mildred is very cold and impersonal. They sleep in separated beds and both don’t even remember when they first met each other. The soap-opera which Mildred calls “family”, stands between them, what makes Montag feel very unhappy and empty.
Mildred doesn’t shows any compassion when Montag wakes up ill one morning. She generally isn’t interested in his problems or feelings of guiltyness, when he tells her, that he burned a women and her books.
Altough they were married for many years, Montag realizes, that he doesn’t knows a lot about his wife.
To come to a conclusion, there is and never was any love between Mildred and Montag.


Bradbury wants to tell us with his novel, that because of TV people stop free-thinking. It also tells us, that there should be differences between the behaviour of people, and that books are important to reach the goal for a new, better society. People have to think “why” they're doing things instead of “how”. That's because thinking is just as important as doing things. Making things easier for everybody isn't always the right thing. Society can become flat and wrong - like in this story, in which the weird society is showed as a warning for the reader.

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