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Keep Private Information Private
Some people trust others and websites too much, and forget that millions of people can look at the private information they post; this includes criminals looking for their next victim. In addition to criminals, stalkers are also searching social networking sites, like FB, for more information on their potential or current victims. A stalker may find something appealing about you and may follow what you write on your page, or even try to find you in person at your home or place of business.

Strangers are Still Strangers
The online world is ideal for people who enjoy over exaggerating their life, or making up a completely different one from their own.If you are interested in using Facebook for online dating, be careful of whom you meet and what people tell you. This Facebook risk can get you tangled up in an emotional web, because you may think someone is perfect for you, but he or she may turn out not to be what you thought.

It is not about the quantity of friends but the quality of friends.

Increases Internet Addiction
Social networking sites are fun and addictive. Meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and visiting interesting profiles can take up hours each day. If you go to school you may spend more time on Facebook than studying or going to class, which contributes to lower grades. When Facebook begins to disturb your life, you may be developing an Internet addiction. Keep yourself in check when you use the Internet for any reason.

The dark side
There's a lot to like about Facebook, but the world's largest online social network also has a dark side. People use it to cheat on their partner, hire hit men, announce a divorce - robbers even use it to see who's not home. Its insidious uses might not be troubling enough to quit the site, but make sure you think before you post.
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