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Facebook - Speakers Corner - Referat

Hi, Iím ..., Iím from ... and I was born ...
Do you want to be my friend?

Thatís the way it works with social networking.

First of all I want to ask you: Who of you has got an account on Facebook? (wait)
Well, you see, Facebook is the most popular social network service at the moment!

It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004.
Since then the number of active users has risen enormously:
August 2008: 100 million users
February 2010: 400 million users
January 2011: 600 million users
You can see, more and more people join Facebook every month.

Let me start by saying that I LOVE Facebook! Thereís such a wide range of possibilities, which I didnít have before!
Probably most of you know, but what you do is, you create your personal account, add other users as friends, exchange messages with them or use the new chat function. By doing this you can find new friends, f.e. if you move to another city or country. Facebook is multilingual, so people from all over the world can use it.
Or you can keep in touch with old friends who either live far away or you just donít manage to meet.

Well, another thing is, that Facebook has become so popular, that even over 2 million businesses have created their own page to attract new customers.
On pages like that, the same as underneath status posts, you can click the ďLikeĒ- Button.

You can join common-interest groups n Facebook and talk to people who are interested in the same things as you are.
You can even create your own group, which I think is very practical f.e. for organizing a party. You can invite your friends and they can tell you by one mouseclick whether they are going to come or not, so you can see in the group, who is taking part at a party. Even the ďAbi-PartysĒ from our school were organized on Facebook.
I know that you could also phone people to invite them, but this is much easier and doesnít take as much time. And time, as we all know, is always short nowadays.

At this point I want to mention our group called ď11aĒ, in which we discuss whatís for homework or when the next Klausur is written, which is sometimes helpful for the some not mentioned persons in our class, who often forget about things like that. to rely on a telephone chain.
The things you post in such a group canít be
seen by non-group members, which is an advantage, because the posts could be private and, of course, you donít go on other peoples nerves, who arenít interested in those topics.

People say, that you shouldnít be on social networks, because everyone can see your profile, but Facebook has quite good privacy settings! You can block people who go on your nerves, you can change the settings for who can see what on your profile and Facebook even has the general rule, that the profile of anyone under 18 is hidden, that means, that anyone who isnít your friend, canít see your private information.

Facebook is newly also often used for solving crimes and to find out things about the suspect. You can easily find out which place the person has or hasnít been to at the time of the murder and so on. In the case of the murder of Nina and Tobias in Bodenfelde the murder even posted on Facebook ďI just slaughtered a girl!Ē and so he was found.

The only negative thing about Facebook in my opinion is the danger of getting addicted to it, which is really easy, because once youíre online, you could look at your friendsí posts, pictures and so on for ages. When I come home, I donít even go to Facebook right after school anymore, because without me noticing it, uups, itís already 5 oíclock!
You really have to be careful about how often you go online, and prevent Facebook from ruling your life! But if you manage to keep it to a limit, I think itís a real blessing!

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