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Face Benjamin Zephaniah - Referat

Reading Log Young Adult Readers

Title Face
Author: Benjamin Zephaniah
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Page prepared to read out: 169

The setting of the book: What type of story is it? Where/When does it take place?
It is a story about a burn victim who learns how to life with being scarred for life.

Describe the main characters.
Martin Turner: is a confident, strong, cool and pretty boy who is also a leader of the gang of three. He enjoys his life
Natalie: is Martinīs girlfriend and a very independent girl. She always knows what she wants.
Mark: is a part of the gang and wants to be as cool as Martin
Matthew: is also a part of the gang but he is more silent than the rest
Give a brief story summary. Martin loves his life and everything is perfect for him. He is the leader of a gang of three. One day he and his friend were walking home from a club. They went through a bad part of London and they accepted a ride from two drug dealers in a stolen car, except of Matthew who refuses to go along with them. They got in a crash and one of the drug dealers died and the other one got arrested. Mark only has some broken ribs but Martinīs face got burned. He stays for three weeks in hospital and has to accustom with his new face. His friends visited him in hospital but is was not like in the earlier days. When he is allowed to leave the hospital he wants to go back to school immediately. He has one fight, ups and downs and his friends slowly face away. His relationship to Natalie breaks up. But at the end he becomes captain of the gymnastic team and gets new friends. He realises that he can become whoever he wants, regardless of how he looks.

Describe your favourite part and discuss why you would/would not use this particular book in class. I liked the part when he went to the club where he went the night before the accident happened. He was there with his new face and the three girls he met there last time just treat him in a very normal way. It gave him such confidence and he really felt good after this night.
I would use this book in class. I think it would be perfect. It shows what friendship means and that the look of a person could change a lot but that the most important part is the inside of a person.

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