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Exchange Visit - Referat

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Today we want to present our topic Exchange Visit and internship abroad to you.
Let us start with the different possibilities of doing a gap year.
1. Gap year
It is for pupils
You stay in foreign country with a host family
You go there to school
2. Working abroad
You are working in a foreign country in a company
You normally live there in a flat
It could be arranged by your company in your home country
But you can also look for a job on your own
3. Aupair
You stay with a host family and you take care of their children
The working hours depend from country to country US 45 hours
Austria 20 …
Normally you have time to visit a language course
4. Volunteering abroad
You work for a social company or for a company which takes care of the environment
You donīt get money for working there
Sometimes cost and accommodation are free but sometimes you have to pay for that
5. Students semester abroad
You stay in a student’s house or in a flat
You go there to university
You can improve your language skills
You get in touch with foreign cultures and people
Through that you become more open minded
Itīs very good to have that in an application
You become independent
You can find new friends in other parts of the world
You see different parts of the world.

You can get homesick
When you are staying with a host family as pupil or Au pair you can get trouble with them if there way of life is too different than yours.
It costs more than staying at home
The country or city can be dangerous.
If you are working as a volunteer maybe you`ll see very shocking things and you have to get over that even if you are alone in a foreign country
You could have problems with your chief if you are working abroad.

Where do you have to apply?
There are a lot of organizations on which you can apply
Gap year: EF,
With EF you can make a gap year in USA, Ireland, and U.K.

Working abroad:
http://jobs.goabroad.com/ this is not really an organization itīs more a platform where you can find jobs abroad.

Aupairworld: this is also a platform where you can register and find families
http://www.culturalcare.at/ itīs a sub company from EF, you can only go to the USA with them
But for working as an Au pair normaly itīs better to write to the institute of a country at your home city and they can tell you the organizations in your desired country, if you are doing that normally you pay less

Volunteering abroad:

Semester abroad:

The most popular countries:
USA for a pupil exchange and Aupair because the most Europeans think that the Americans are very friendly and open-minded
Australia for working as an Aupair

What you shouldnīt forget:
Most organizations need a lot of time to find a place for you, so you shouldnīt apply too late.
In countries outside of the EU you need a VISA to be allowed to work or live there
Of course you need a valid passport
Get knowledge of the country you are going to.

How much does an exchange visit cost:
Gap year – USA – 9950 € for a year or a semester, itīs the same price
Working abroad
Volunteering abroad
Students semester abroad

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