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Everything stuck to him - Referat

Titel: Author Study
Raymond Carver was born in Clastkanie, Oregon in 1938 May 25th. In 1988 August 2nd he passed away from lung cancer in Port Angeles, Washington with the age of 50. Carver had a drug problem, he was always a heavy smoker and he went three times in two years because of alcohol into the hospital and started his ‘’second life’’ with the help of the Alcoholics Anonymous which is an international group which helps Alcohol addicting people quit drinking and everything is anonym because many people have a problem to admit that they are addicted. Unfortunately, after that he continued smoking marijuana and later consumed cocaine. Raymond was an American short-story writer and poet; his writing style is described as minimalism and dirty realism with a laconic touch. Most of his stories are realistic and focus on people’s lives; how they face difficulties. His short story: ‘’Will You Please Be Quit, Please’’ was at the 1977 National Book Award a finalist and his work got translated into twenty-to different languages.

Title: Analysis of the Short Story
The Short Story takes place in Milan, Italy between 1970 and 1980 on Christmas Eve is written in 3rd person. The Main Character and Protagonist is the Father, in the story ‘’the boy’’ he loves hunting, his family and doesn’t like to have responsibility. The Antagonist it the mother, in the story ‘’the girl’’ and have a baby with the boy.

Rising Action:
The Daughter asks her father to tell him a story about her when she was younger. They are a young couple with a baby, and very ambiguous. The boy gets invited by his old friend Carl to go hunting so he asks his wife if that is okay and she agreed. Some why the baby starts crying and doesn´t want to stop, the girl things that the baby is sick so she wants that the boy stays at home.

The boy still wants to hunt so the makes an ultimatum, hunting or family, he chooses hunting and goes out into the car.

Falling Action:
He rethinks that idea of leaving his family for going hunting and decides to go back in the house to his family. They have breakfast together and she makes it for him because she is so glad that he came
back. The boy spills his syrup from the waffles over his pants and everything stuck to him, both laugh about it. They make agreement not to fight anymore. Now the story telling is done and the father shows his daughter the city Milan.

Theme Timeline:
The Theme of this story is about taking responsibility, especially in a family and making the right choices in life. Because sometimes we have to sacrifice ourselves in order to do the right thing, and that’s what the father did. Another theme is Family, to stay united and accomplish the hard times together.

In the beginning it feels like a nice, happy family which is doing their best to be a good family. After reading the whole short-story it feels like that this is something that can happens to yourself when you are older, so very realistic and domestic. So, the moods are; happiness, responsibility, family, growing-up.

At the breakfast table the boy spills the syrup over his pants, which symbolize that everything stuck to him which means in this chase, his family and whatever he will do it stuck to him and he need to take responsibility for his decisions.

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