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Eurocom about Roy Makaay - Referat

Eurocom 2005/2006:Roy Makaay

On the 9th March in the year 1975 Rudolphus Anton Makaay was born in Wijchen. A town with the size about Karlsruhe on the Netherlands border to Germany.
He’s parents were very poor so he couldn’t play football very often. And his father was a good tennis player so he wanted that Rudolphus play tennis like he did.
On his 10 birthday his best friend gave him a football because he knew that he could play very good.
But in the small Quarter Lindhold wasn’t a football playground. So he always shot the ball against old walls out of wood.
When he was 11 years old his father allowed him to play at the towns team Woezik Wijchen.
He didn’t play more then 3 years in this team because they recognized that he is the best.
After a long time he left his friends and played in NEC Nijmegen.When he was 16 years old Vitesse Arnheim wanted to buy him but his dad said that he first should finish his school well.
He heard on his dad and made a very good education which you can compare with the German “mittlere Reife”.
When he was 20 he played his first season in a top team. And this team was no other like Vitesse Arnheim who wanted to buy him 4 years before.
1996 He played his first game in the Netherlands national team.
1997 after he shot 30 Goals in 65 Games he left the Netherlands for his fist time and transferred to CD Tenerife where he learned Spanish. He didn’t feel very well on the 2051 square kilometre big island. In the season 98/99 he shot 15 goals but this wasn’t enough to prevent the descent in a lower liga.
But that doesn’t matter for Rudolphus Anton Makaay. He could play in the Primera Division (the Spain fist footballliga) because the top team of Deportivo La Coruna bought him. And now he changed his name. Out of Rudolphus Anton
he made Roy.
He was very popular in La Corunna and in the season 2000/2001 they become the best Spanish team. In the next year they became second in the season and so they came in the Champions League again. And in the spring in the years 2003 they have to play against Bayern in Munich. The match ended with a final score of 2:3 and Makaay shot all three goals for Deportivo. Since this day Bayern Munich want to buy him. But in this year Roy Makaay get the “Goldener Schuh” the hightest European price for the best goalgetters. And so he became very expensive. And on the 15 August 2003 Roy Makaay went with a transfer fee of 18.7 million € to FCB.
Since that day he shot 52 goals for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga and 18 in the Championsleague.

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