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Essay: Refugees - Referat

Refugees are becoming more and more of a problem for our common life and Germanyís economy. But are they really that bad for our country? In the following text I would like to discuss that matter.

First of all it is important to say that our state will get massive amount of tax money from this refugees.The refugees will start to work here and they will pay taxes like everyone else. Several new studies say that Germany is getting several millions of tax money from former refugees and immigrants.

If we observe this matter on a longer term it becomes clear that in the future we will have more workers and a severe demographic change. The refugees who stay here eventually will get education and will start to work here. In our school they started to teach refugees.

In addition to that we seem to forget that because of the refugees crisis many more jobs for people in Germany are created. We need more police officers, border patrols and many more. This year the police is hiring twice as much people than last year.

There can be a cultural enrichment too. There are so many things we got from people who came here before. We wouldnít have kebab or pasta if Turkish and Italian people wouldnít have come to Germany years ago.

But on other hand cultural Problems will be an issue in the future. There are very different rules in these eastern countries and the refugees will have problems fitting in, in our society. For example many of these people donít know that haggling isnít something you can do in supermarkets while itís fully normal in these countries to do such thing.
Needless to say that the living space in Germany is getting short because of refugees. They need space for living and the state desperately tries to accommodate them. A very expensive flat around the corner was given to some refugees last week.

Another Argument against refugees is that they cost Germany
a massive amount of money which could be used for other things. Refugees need food, water, clothes and places to live. The institute of German economy in cologne predicts that refugees will cost Germany over 50 million euros in the next two years.

At last and most importantly in fact the level of crime is increasing since Germany started to take refugees in. Many of these refugees start a life of crime in Germany. The best example for this is the mass raping incident at New Year's Eve 2015 in cologne.

After reflecting on all of these arguments I it becomes clear that this refugee crisis is a minor problem for our country and has to be dealed with. Our capacity is fully reached and we can not risk to increase the already high level of crime. Germany needs to act as a united country for creating a better future for the people.

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