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Essay about the source of the Universe - Referat


Dear Dr. Hyde,

in my opinion, the most important question for the human being is the question where we are from. That means the source of the universe. In my opinion, this is the most important question because everybody who lives on this world want to know where we are from. I can give you a good proof. In Swizerland there is an object that is built for still one aim: to find the answer for this question. The human being thinks, one can find the solution for this question but my opinion is that nobody on this world can find the solution because nobody who lives on this world is able to do it. I think so because this question is more complicated then we think. We know that at the beginning of the universe there was a very little and very hot point. But what were before this? To get the answer, we have to create our own universe and this is absolutely impossible because when we would cope it, we would destroy the whole earth during this experiment. Fortunately, in this moment, we are not in able to make such an experiment because for the realization of it, we have to concentrate a very big mass for a very little point and there are two problems: the first problem is that we haven't got enough material for it and the second is that we haven't got the means to concentrate a very big mass for a very small point. And in my opinion, we will never get the means for this experiment. Nevertheless it's the most important question that the human being must answer because when we would know the answer for this question, we would think other then now. Maybe there wouldn't are any religions because every of the religions is based on this question. And when the answer of this question is known, the religions wouldn't have any sense.
But this would also mean that the human being would know the most important question of the whole universe because when this question wouldn't exist, the whole universe wouldn't exist because every thing has a source, the universe too. This is the reason because the human being must answer this question. If the human being can answer it or not, this is not important. In my opinion the human being is not able to answer it but maybe, my opinion is wrong and that would mean that the human can answer this question. Finally, my opinion is that the human have to try to find out the answer for this question but one have to pay attention that the way to get the answer doesn't destroy the earth or other things.

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