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Ernest Hemingway - An Outstanding American Writer - Referat

General Overview of Ernest Hemingway:

Ernest Hemingway is a giant of modern literature. Combined with his outstanding short stories, Hemingway’s four major novels “The Sun Also Rises” ,”A Farewell to Arms”, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “The Old Man and the Sea” are well known in the whole literal world
Hemingway was a wounded veteran of World War I and an engaged combatant in the fight against Fascism/Nazism.

Psychological profile of Hemingway:

Hemingway was focused on violence, war and death during his whole life. These feelings may be based on his experiences during the first and second World War and the suicide of his father.
In addition to that, Hemingway had a big problem with women in general.
There was a number of different women in Ernest Hemingway’s life, all of them quite different. With such an enormously complex, it is no wonder that he had multiple marriages and relationships. The women who had the most impact on Hemingway were: Agnes von Kurowsky, Adriana Ivancich, Hadley Richardson, Pauline Pfeiffer, Martha Gellhorn, Mary Welsh and Grace Hemingway, his mother.
As you can see, he had 6 wifes in his life and some additional affairs.
But he was in trouble with his own mother, too.
Hemingway often referred to his mother, Grace Heminway, as „that bitch”. He continually complained about her, saying how much he hated her. Ernest felt that she was overly dominant and the main reason for his father’s suicide. The interesting thing was that Grace always said Ernest was most like her out of...
A result of all these crisiiiis was , of course, his depressions and combined with these his addiction to alcohol.

About Hemingway’s style of writing:

Hemingway’s major works feature simple structures and narrative voices.
His style, with its consistent use of short, concrete, direct prose and of scenes consisting exclusively of dialogue, gives his novels and short stories an access to the author.
Hemingway’s protagonists are expatriates (Ausgebürgerte), and
his fictional settings are in France, Italy, Spain, and later Cuba, rather than America itself.

While Hemingway’s early career benefited(to take advantage) from his connections with American novelist Sherwood Anderson, his style is actually closer to that shared by the transplanted American poets that he met in Paris during the 1920s like Gertrude Stein.

Although Hemingway’s novels usually follow a straightforward chronological progression, Hemingway does make use of summaries of the past and of flashbacks(Rückblicke, view to the past). These devices lend further depth to his characters.
Hemingway is direct. But he is also quite subtle, and subtlety is not a trait that we ascribe to the American way.

Hemingway’s Iceberg Technique:

Hemingway used a special kind of style. One can say that Hemingway himself invented this technique.
The main working of Hemingway’s iceberg principle is that the full meaning of the text is not limited to moving the plot forward: there is always a web of association, a reason behind the picture of every detail.

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