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English Food - Referat

When we think about English food, the first thing which comes to our mind is fish and chips and often inedible food. But thatís not true. In my presentation, iíll tell you about the English food history, about the eating habits of English people and about traditional English food.
English food history:
English food had a good reputation in the 19th century. Because of the many colonies they had a big amount of spices and different food. Because of this, diverse meals were possible. But in the First World War it was very difficult and expensive to get on resources. So the British food got very simple during and after the war. Only very rich people could afford high quality food. Because of many Indian and African Migrants, who bring many spices and food to England, English food revived. British food had lost his good reputation but recently it begun to recover.
On a normal British day, people have breakfast between 7:30 and 9 oí clock. Then they have a tea break, normally at 11 oí clock. Between 12:30 and 14:00 they have lunch. At 16:00 oí clock itís time for another tea break and between 19:00 and 20:30 they have dinner.
Once an English writer told somebody who said that English Food is miserable the following sentence: Nonsense! All you have to do is having breakfast 3 times a day! The British breakfast is often called full or warm breakfast. The typical English breakfast consists of different courses. At first they have some fruits and fruit juice- normally orange juice. The main course consists of warm meals like fried bacon, sausages, scrambled or fried egg. More often English people eat baked beans or hash browns- that are potato dishes. British breakfast without warm dishes is often called continental breakfast. After that they often eat toast with marmalade or jam. Marmalade and jam are different. Marmalade consists of oranges, jam of other fruits. For breakfast they mostly drink coffee and tea. The tea is often drunk with milk.
England is popular for its tea break. It consists of a cup of tea and cookies, scones- thatís kind of biscuit, sandwiches and different bars of chocolate. On Sundays tea break is very familiar. Mostly the whole family comes together.
In England lunch is not very important. Most of the English people are at work and English children are at school at lunch time. So they have a packed lunch with them. This normally consists of water, sandwiches, crisps, an apple or another fruit and some sweets. Sometimes they go to snack bars or fast food restaurants. English lunch is not very popular for excellent food.
The most important meal in England is dinner- often called supper. Mostly all family members come together for dinner after an exhausting day. Supper is a warm meal. The dinner in England and the dinner in Austria is often the same. British dinner
can consist of pizza, noodles, rice and different casseroles and stews. But there are still some traditional dishes like Yorkshire pudding, Toad in the Hole or Baked Beans.
So now Iím going to tell you some traditional English foods.
One traditional food in England is fish and chips. I think everyone has heard about it before. Fish and chips consist of a fried fish filet- normally cod and chips. But these chips are thicker than chips in Austria. Some supplements are mushy peas- thatís a puree of peas, onions, pickles and baked beans. Fish And Chips is normally not prepared at home. Itís classified as a street food. There are many special Fish and Chips restaurants.
Another typical British dish is Yorkshire pudding. Itís a supplement for steak, beef and another meat dishes. Itís made of flour, eggs, milk, fat, salt and pepper. Itís normally a savoury pudding. As its name says, the Yorkshire pudding was originated in Yorkshire in England.
Baked Beans is also a popular English dish. Baked Beans are white kidney beans with tomato sauce or ketchup baked in the oven. Itís a typical dish for English breakfast and in America itís a component for the barbecue. Itís often used as a side dish with bacon, eggs and toast.
One popular British dessert is the Christmas pudding, also called Plum Pudding. It is eaten on Christmas Day. The Christmas dish is a cooked pudding which contains dried fruits for example raisins and nuts. The dark pudding is often soaked in alcohol like brandy.
Another traditional food is Shortbread. Itís a Scottish biscuit out of short pastry. Itís made of one part white sugar, two parts butter and three parts oatmeal flour. Shortbread is baked in 3 different shapes: in Shortbread Fingers, Shortbread Rounds and Petticoat Tails.

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