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Englisch: Großbritannien - Equitation - Referat

- Horse-riding is a tradition in England and closely linked to the English history.
- At the beginning horses were used in the war. They were barely developed but enough for inexperienced riders.
- Versatile railing horses were oriented on military which paid no attention to a perfect movement. Also to the end of the Second World War the horses were conducted by riders from the military. 1945 horse- riding were dominated by civilian riders.
- Impulse for the further development came in the 19th century from England and Ireland. In the English nobility was horse-riding especially popular.
- 1731 was the first horse show in the Royal Dublin Society. The mode went to dressage and jumping discipline.
- Horse-riding is very diverse. There is horse racing, riding for hunting and jump riding.
Polo is in addition to football and cricket the probably most popular team sport.
- On competitions are efficient riders with great horses very worth. Important is a dress code and good behave.
- The horse art was a representation purpose.
- A competition is opened by the officially entry of the royal family, arriving traditionally from the Windsor Castle.
- Also the Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ was a horse fan. She rides, breeds and let run.
- Already with 4 years she was a proud horse owner of a pony. Today she is the top horsewoman in England.
- In year of the coronation of Elizabeth, one of her horses gets the second place in the famous Epsom-derby.
- The traditional race was considered to a celebrity day for the 60th throne jubilee of the Queen. There are also events like the “Cartier International Day” in July with 30.000 visitors.
- The horses of the Queen have gained over many years more than 600 races.
- The love to their horses passed on to the Queen’s daughter Princess Anne, who was 1971 European Champion in versatility race and 1976 participant at the Olympic Games in Montreal.
- The Queen granddaughter Zara Philips is a horse fan, too. 2006 she even get in Aachen the World Champion.
- The highest value than horses have only the Corgis. The Queen may just like dogs and horses.
Visit Great Britain and convince yourself if you would like to join the British Equitation club!

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