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Englisch Shortstory - Referat

The Tree of Acknowledgement

It’s 6:15am. The alarmclock is ringing: He gets up and turns on the light. He’s a small boy, around 15 years old, he’s got very dark, brown hair and his tired eyes are blue-grey. The walls of the room seem to absorb the light, it’s coloured like the dark brown of the wood. He goes to the bathroom. He only brushes his teeth and takes a short, ice-cold shower. His mom is still sleeping. They live alone in a big old house in the country, not far away from a small British city in the north. The father ran away when he was two. A big scar on his back reminds him how his father dealt with his little child, but he does not want to think about stuff like this, not now. First he has to get to the bus, so he takes his bag and goes out. “Shit, another rainy day, we’ve had this bloody weather for the last two months!” he curses. But he doesn’t want to get a bad mood only because of this weather, today he wants to be relaxed. No anger, no hate. He goes out on the street, the rain is warm. “Its already June”, he says to himself. He stops at the bus stop. The nearest bus stop is in the middle of nowhere, in the centre of the whole English countryside he thinks. The street is surrounded by soft hills. He looks to the old oak located on the biggest hill in this region. Its a lonely tree, who never has seen another tree in his long, boring life. He’s right, the next tree hides behind a hill 400 feet on the left. The next forest is far away. The bus comes. He gets in and shows his ticket. The bus driver, a fat destitute man around 50, just ignores him. Another boy comes a bit late and gets into the bus. His name is Tyler. “I hate this guy, he never has talked to me”, he whispers. The bus continues. At the back of the bus two girls are sitting. He hates them both and never has talked to any of them. They do not even realise that he just came in, but this is not unusual if you never talk to somebody. He sits down and one minute later he falls asleep. He dreams of the big dateless tree and of his drunken father with the knife in his hand. He can’t really remember the moment when he got the scar, but he sometimes dreams of it. He wakes up. The bus driver stands next to him. “Go, go, go, or do you want to sleep the whole day in my bus???”, but the bus driver talked to one of the two girls, who has fallen asleep, too. He gets out of the bus before the bus driver sees him. “I’ve got a friendly bus driver”, he thought. But he do not want to get aggressive, not just because of this ugly bus driver. But why did he dream of his father again? He hadn’t dreamed of him for the last two years. Doesn’t matter. He sees all the pupils going into the school building, talking to each other, only he walks alone. He doesn’t want to talk to any of these stupid children. And they do not want to talk to him, he admits. He takes two aspirins because his head feels like the base drum in the song “seven-nation-army”, then he goes into the building. Like a mole he digs through the pupils to his classroom. Still nobody seems to realise that he was there, even when he pushes some pupils of the big crowd. Doesn’t matter. The teacher comes in. The lesson starts. He asks his neighbour, if she has done her homework, but she doesn’t answer. He asks a bit louder, but she still isn’t reacting. “Hey, I’m talking to you!!!” he says so loud that everyone can hear him loud and clearly. But the whole class, the teacher included, are continuing with this senseless lesson. He stands up – nobody notices him, he goes to the teacher – nobody notices him, he opens the door – nobody notices him. The door blooms in a bright white light. The brightly lit door feels very warm, so he goes through.
He wakes up, standing in the middle of his room. Only the numbers on the alarmclock are giving light. It’s 4:30 am. It was only a dream. In two hours he must to go to school. He wants to get up, but then he notices that he is already standing. His door is open. He’s wearing exactly the clothes he has worn in his dream. He wants to take a shower, but he realises that he already took a shower, so he takes his bag and goes out. He feels motivated to go for a walk till it’s
time to go to the bus stop. It’s still very dark, but soon the sun will rise. He smells the fresh air and the warm rain. Now he has got time to reflect about his dream, but it doesn’t make sense. “It was so real”, he thought. He goes through the wonderful landscape for hours, at least he thinks it took hours. His watch shows 5:30. Suddenly he remembers the big tree, which he saw in his dream and which he sees every day when he goes to school. And there it is, the hill with the tree on it is only 300 feet ahead of him. At this moment it stops raining and the sun comes out from behind the hill. The sun seems to flare up the big tree. He always felt lonely when he saw the lonely tree, but for this moment it is a wonderful picture. He decides to climb the burning tree. He never has climbed this tree, he never has climbed any tree! He suffers from vertigo. But now he has no fear. He starts climbing the hill. With every step he loses more and more of his fear. After about 3 minutes he’s directly under the big tree. The tree is giant, and he breathes quickly because he just climbed the hill and he never has done much sport in his life, but it doesn’t matter, the pain reminds him that he still lives, that he still exists! He starts climbing the tree. He gets higher and higher, the fear comes back, and two minutes later he can’t feel his arms anymore. If he fall down he will die, but the death would come as a relief to all the pain he has suffered from in his young life, so it doesn’t matter! The sunlight comes through the branches. He loses some fear again. He climbs and climbs and gets faster and faster. After a while he’s able to ignore the pain in his arms. He feels a warm feeling in his body. It is the sunlight, the first sunlight after two dark months. “what a wonderful spring we had”, he thought. He seems to climb for ages, but he just reaches the upper part of the tree. Only three meters...and then it happens, the branch he just grabbed breaks and he slips off. Only his right hand still has got something to hold tight. Is this his end? Any other day he would have left hold of the branch, but not today. He mobilises his last power and pulls himself up.
There he is. About 50 meters above the ground he guesses. Or more? He doesn’t know. It doesn’t matter, anyway, he is very far away from the ground. From his position he can see the whole landscape. It is wonderful, a warm feeling flows through his whole body. He feels like God.
After a while he notices a silent sound. It’s a voice. It is Tyler’s voice, the guy who’s every day at the same bus stop and never has talked to him. Tyler shouts: “Hey, are you crazy? This tree is giant, how did you get there?” He answered: “I just climbed up!” “That’s impossible! Nobody is able to climb this tree! But you must have done so, as you’ve got no wings, you deserve my respect, even if this was a bit crazy!”, and Tyler goes away.
The boy’s whole pain seems to swim away on the top of the tree and he feels free for the first time. And another feeling is there, it’s not only that he does exist, it is something different. He notices that the scar has stopped hurting. The branches twine around him and feel like the two arms of his lost father. This is no dream, this is reality...

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