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England - North and South - Referat


England comprises something around 130 000 square kilometeres. This is about half of the United Kingdom. Something around 50 Million people are living there .There are many ways to divide England into several parts, but the mot difference is between the North and the South.
In the North there is the working population, speaking with a very hard accent and only eating fish and chips. And in the South there are lazy, luxury-loving people.
This Saying aroused during the 18. and 19. century.
At this time the cities of Liverpool and Manchester became bigger and bigger, because there were many jobs and everyone, looking for a job, went North.
Today the industry in the North is nearly dead. In the South there are the richer people and , of course , London with itsí tourists and employment. In London you can also find some attractions: Big Ben, Buckingham palest, Madame Tassous and so on.
All in one we can say that de Soth represents the modern, wealthy England and the North stands for a great tradition and friendliness, but for unemployment and poverty, too.

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