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Elvis Presley - Referat

Elvis Presley
Elvis was born in the night of the 17th to the 18th of January 1935 in East Tupelo. He was a twin, but his brother died as he was born. His name was: Jessie Groan Presley. Elvis got his first guitar on his 11. Birthday. His father, Vernon Presley, was in a prison for 1 year and a half, because he copy a check. After he left the prison, they went often to another city, because Elvis dad hadn’t got a job. 1948 they moved to Memphis-City. Elvis was at first singing in the church choir. Elvis became a truck driver with 18 years.

He wrote his first song for his mum, the name of the song is “that’s All right” The people loved the music of Elvis and his teacher liked him. Many people said he was like a woman and he often love men. He went to a music-show and got the 5th place.
Chernel Parker helped him to come in the music business. Elvis was the best singer at that time. His favourite music was spirituals and his hero was John Lennon, Elvis buy a pink Cadillac and a big house from his money.

His mother Gladdis was ill she started to drink and consumed tablets, because she couldn’t see him often, and she died in the August of 1958.

Elvis was from 1958 to 1960 in Germany, because he must go to the army.

During the army, Elvis knew Pricilla Beaulieu from Wiesbaden, she was 14 and Elvis was 24 years old. In the year 1967 Elvis married Pricilla in the hotel Aladdin in Los Angeles, 9 month later they got a daughter, her name was Lisa Marie

Elvis made every year 3 films, one of the films were love me tender but the films were bad and he was very sad and he took drugs and Alcohol. After 8 years Elvis came back to the music.

In the October of 1972 Pricilla left him after 5 years, because Elvis took even more drugs as earlier. Elvis was really ill. He's alone and he hadn’t any money.

Elvis found a new girlfriend her name was Ginger Alden. He was 42 and Ginger was 21, Ginger want to look after him, but this was too late.

On the 16th of august in 1977, Elvis, the King of Rock 'n' Roll died with 42 years in Tennessee.

He gets the prizes:
American Music Award 2000, Music Hall of Fame,

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