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Elvis Presley - 3.Version - Referat

- "King of Rock'n'Roll"

Today I want to talk about Elvis Presley.
First I want to tell you something about himself.
Elvis Presley was born at the 8th of January
in 1935 in East Tupelo.
He was a twin, but his brother died after the birth.
Elvis' family was very poor,
but he had a good education.
He sang in a choir. Then he got his first guitar.
In 1953 Elvis finished his school.
Then he made money with driving trucks.
Elvis produced a song for his mother at his birthday.
This song was called "My happiness".
In the year 1954 Elvis made his first records
in a soundstudio.
5000 records of "That's allright, mama"
were sold after a TV-show.
In 1958, his mother died. In the same year,
Elvis came to Germany,
because he must got to the army.
When he came back, he made music again.

In 1960 he started to act in films.
In March,
Elvis bought a very expensive church.
And then he rebuilt the church to his
new house with 24 rooms.
In the year 1967 Elvis married the
girl Priscilla Beaulieu,
and 9 months later the daughter Lisa Mary was born.
Later she was the wife of the popstar Michael Jackson.

Then Elvis gave concerts again.

In 1973 Elvis was divorced from Priscilla.
From this time on Elvis' records
weren't sold as before.
In 1974 Elvis fell ill. He was very fat,
took drugs and nobody was allowed
to take a picture of him.
In 1977 on the 26th of June,
Elvis gave his last public concert in Indianapolis.

On the 16th of august in 1977,
Elvis,the King of Rock 'n' Roll
died with 42 years in Tennessee.
He had a heat attack.
80.000 people came to his funeral.

After his death, his records and
souvenirs were very expensive.
EIvis Ieft 800 Million Dollars behind.
In 1988 a man wrote in a magazine,
that he was sure, Elvis was still alive.
He wrote, that Elvis lived happily on an island.
The man who was dead, looked similar to him.
Elvis simulatet his dead....!
But we don't know, if it's right or wrong!

I think that Elvis is dead.
I hope, now you know more about ELVIS PRESLEY.

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