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Ellis Island:

- named by the after the owner Samuel Ellis
- lies in New York also in New Jersey
- was the first stop for the most European immigrants
- from 1892 to 1924 station for 16 million immigrants
- called island of tears, because it would decided in 2 minutes about the feature of
the immigrants
- before they could enter in the “land of freedom and chances” they had to make
medically examinations, and after that they must answer many questions
(Name? Age? Where do you come from? Why are you here?…)
- if someone was ill he/she would send back

Rosa Schwartz:

- came to America with her husband and her little daughter
- she was arrive in January 1921, she was 20 years old
- she decided to emigrate because of the rassism Bessarabia* where she lived
- she had the dream of an beautiful America, with money and freedom
- but they realized very quickly that America wasn’t so beautiful
- they had a degenerate appartment, her husband worked in a low-paid job,
where the working conditions are bad, too
- her daughter died because of the bad medically situations
- but today the living conditions are better, they have a flat, they both are working
and they have a son
- she think that New York is the most beautiful city of the world

Anna Rabinovici:

-she is one of 2% of the immigrants who send back to her homewillage to Rominia
- she was to young and she hadn’t anyone in America
- today she still want to live in America, in her opinion she missed a big chance

Ellis Island Immigration Museum:

- since the 10 septembre 1990 the main building opened as a museum for tourists
- you can see there all the rooms where the immigrants waited for the messages of
their future
- outside you can see the Wall of Honor which all the names of the immigrants stand

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