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Egon Schiele, österreichischer Künstler - Referat

Egon Schiele 1890-1918

Egon Schiele was born in Tulln near Vienna on 12th June 1890. His father, Adolf, worked for the Austrian State Railways as a station master; his mother Marie had four children, Schiele was the third one.

As a child, he went to the Stift Klosterneuburg school, where his arts teacher Mr. Strauch recognized and supported Schiele's artistic talent.

When Schiele was 15 years old, his father died of mental illness. On this time he drown a large number of of his first self-portraits

Schiele went to the School of Arts and Crafts in Vienna.
Within his first year, Schiele was sent to the more traditional Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
There, he studied painting and drawing, but was frustrated by the school’s conservatism.

Schiele met Gustav Klimt, he is another big artist from Austrian and very popular in the Art Nouveau. He encouraged the younger artists, and he
took an interest in the gifted young Schiele, buying his drawings, or offering to exchange them for some of his own, arranging models for him and introducing him to potential patrons.

Schiele had his first exhibition in Klosterneuberg.

He left the Academy this year in and founded the New Art Group with friends.
Schiele exhibited some of his work at the 1909 Vienna Kunstschau, where he encountered for example the work of Vincent van Gogh among others.

He found his own style, Schiele began to explore , not only the human form, but also human sexuality. Schieles shocked with his explicit paintings.

Schiele met the seventeen-year-old Wally Neuzil, who lived with him in Vienna and served as model for some of his best paintings.
Schiele had to leave Vienna, because he and Vallie had a very wild affair , the people didn’t like it. Together they moved to Neulengbach and he go the Künstlervereinigung “sema” in Munich.
Coupled with his love affair, Schiele's way of life dent arouse much animosity among the town's inhabitants.

the police
came to place him under arrest, they counted more than a hundred drawings which they considered pornographic. The judge pronounce Schiele guilty of exhibiting erotic drawings.
He had spent just tree days in prison. In the time of his captivity he document his feelings with paintings.

Schiele met Edith and Adéle Harms, who lived with their parents across the street from his studio. Shiele and Edith were engaged, and the faithful Vallie was coldly dismissed by Schiele.

Against her family's wishes, Schiele and Edith were married in June.

A big success was the Vienna Secessions-exhibition in March. Schile designed this poster for the exhibition. The show was a triumphant success, and as a result, prices for Schiele's drawings increased and he received many portrait commissions. During the same year, he also had successful shows in Germany, Paris and London.

the Spanish influenza epidemic that killed more than 20 billion people in Europe reached Vienna. Edith, who was six months pregnant, died on 28 October. Schiele died on 31 October, three days after his wife. He was 28 years old. During the three days between their deaths, Schiele drew a few sketches of Edith; these were his last works.

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