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Eating Habits and food in the USA - Referat

Eating habits and food in the USA

The topic of my presentation is “Eating habits and food in the USA”.
Fastfood we all think of fastfood when we hear something about the USA and food.
And it´s really true in every city in every corner you can find fast food restaurants like MC Donalds, Burger King, White castle and many other chains.
There you get Big Sizes for little prices. The customers are more than full up after the meal. Some fastfood restaurants have a “Refill offer”. That means when your plate is empty that they refill it and it`s the same for drinks.
There are also fastfood chains with the offer “all you can eat”. In these fast food restaurants you pay one price and then you can eat as much as you like!
When the people eat, they are not necessarily hungry. And this is really worrying. They are addicted to fast food because fast food contains fat and that is so good. They get fatter and fatter. It`s no longer unusual to see people with 300 kilos and more!
Two out of three Americans are overweight and a third of thes are obese, and the trend goes on!
The consequence of this is that life expectancy will go down in the next few years and there are more risks for diabetes, heart illnesses and cancer.
The World Health Organisation has calculated that by the year 2230 the entire population of the USA will be dangerously overweight. Unfortunately “Junk Food” is now available world-wide.
Can you believe that children and babies are also overweight? Yes, they are. More than every tenth baby is overweight. And so are the children.
Who is to blame for this?
Maybe TV, because the children are sitting in front of it and eat uncontrolled amounts of crisps, chocolate and soft drinks. But they don´t do enough exercise. Partly the mothers are also to blame, because they are too busy to prepare a meal. The schools sell fastfood and softdrinks from big companies and show the advertisements in the classes. In fact, fastfood
companies may even sponsor schools.
The Americans also like sweet food very much, and typical for America are Muffins, Brownies, Cookies and the carrot cake. You get all these sweet things in coffee shops.
Finally I want to tell you something about American restaurants. A typical American restaurant is the steakhouse. Restaurants offer food from all over the world, the most popular are Mexican, Italian and Chinese food.
In lots of restaurants you can order coffee and then drink as much as you like. You always get ice water on your table. You don’t have to order another drink if you don’t want to.
Good restaurants are very expensive an it´s not so easy to find good restaurants, because they are only in big cities.
As a matter of fact, most people cannot afford these good restaurants.
Well, to conclude I would like to say the Americans eat too unhealthy and the don´t do enough sport, so most of them are overweight and obese.
Thank you for your attention.

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