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East is East - Workup - Referat

The Eagle and the Vulture

It was dark. All animals were sleeping, like the mice in their mouse holes and the eagles in their nests. But one wasn't asleep. In one of the eagle nests, someone was moving. Ashila couldn't sleep like her parents or the others of her kind, she wanted to be free and fly, feel the wind in her feathers.
She took all of her courage and nosedived down the cliff. In the fall she felt alive. She forgot everything her parents wanted her to do or not to do. She forgot that she had to marry Hunter, the son of the hawk leader. She forgot that her parents never let her do anything on her own or that her father never had time for her.
Nothing that has ever made her feel sad or angry could ruin her flight or her feeling of freedom. When the first rays of dawn brought light to the savannah, she realized that she should go back, so her parents wouldn't be mad at her, being away all night.
She flew back to her parents' nest, but something wasn't right. It was quite everywhere. The sun was rising and no other eagle was flying to go hunting or to see if everyone is fine. There was nobody, she flew around, looked in every nest, but she couldn't find anyone.
She was alone.
Two days ago Ashila had found the nests of her family empty, since than she hadn't eaten much. She never hunted on her own before; her father said she was too young to hunt alone. If she hadn't been so hungry, she would have been very upset with him. Ashila was flying around, searching for something to eat, but there was nothing. She couldn't find anything, no animal to hunt.
But... What was that? Something was moving on the ground, it was a meekat. Ashila started flying in circles over the meekat; she waited until the right moment came to nosedive. With her claws she grappled the meerkat and killed it. Ashila thanked her ancestors for her food and started to eat. But her peace wasn't long-reining. Others who had seen her hunt down the meerkat came to dispute her prey.
Hyenas sneaked around her. There were three of them, giggling. They jumped at her one after another, making a feint. Ashila thought that the one, who stood ahead of the others was their leader. He attacked her again but now for real and she flew away. She was sad and hungry, and all of her hope was gone.
But then she saw a shadow flying over her head. It was a vulture. He landed and enlarged himself and chased away the hyenas.
"Are you ok?" he asked.
"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you."
"You shouldn't be alone ot here. It's dangerous."
"It's not that I want to be alone, my parents have disappeard. I don't know where they are."
"There are some humans who come here and steal animals and take them away. I was searching for them, when I saw you in trouble."
"Why are you searching them?" Ashila asked.
"They took me and my family too; I could escape, but when I wanted to rescue the others, the humans came and I had to get away."
He sounded very sad and Ashila wanted to console him.
"We could go together, our chance to find our families may be better when we are not alone." The vulture agreed. Before they started with their journey, they ate and the vulture, his name was Louie, hunted another meerkat for them. Louie had heard that humans were going to a place they call zoo in order to watch animals. He thought that this might be a good place to start looking for his parents. "It may be dangerous there" he said. "It doesn't matter; I want to find my family." Ashila answered. They had to fly south and for about three days they didn't see any sign of humans, but in the morning of the fourth day they saw a camp of humans who where taking a rest. Strangely enough their big 'metal boxes' didn't move. Ashila and Louie heard screams out of the boxes. They flew nearer to look who screamed and they saw many different animals locked in little cages. Ashila didn't think about what could happen; she flew to the trappes animals and tried to open their cages. But the humans saw her and before she could escape; they caught her and Louie, who tried to help her open the cages.
Now they were trapped themselves. First Ashila wanted to cry, because now, she thought, she could never find her parents. But then she realized that the humans would bring her and Louie to the same place where her family is. They were trapped for half a day till the 'metal boxes' stopped moving and the humans unloaded the cages.
Ashila and Louie were brought into a big cavern. They thought it was a cavern, because they never saw a house before in their lives. In this house the humans set them free. Ashila was so happy that she wanted to fly away but then she saw the bars and she realized she was still trapped. It was a big cage with many different birds. There were owls, hawks, vultures, parrots and eagles. She looked around and to her surprise she saw her mother and father sitting on a tree.
"Mother! Father! I thought I would never
see you again." She flew to her parents. They were also so happy to see her. "Ashila!" her mother and father cried.
Ashila told them what had happened during her journey, how she had hunted for the first time on her own; how Louie had saved her from the hyenas and how they had became friends. "Who is this Louie? He must be a great Eagle." Ashila's father said.
"He isn't an Eagle." Ashila said.
"Is he a hawk, or an owl?"
"No he's a vulture." Ashila said.
"A vulture?!" Ashila's father got angy. "You know that they are unworthy animals. They are not part of our community. I will never let you see him again! He is bad for you."
"No! You can't force me to outcast him. He is not just a friend to me." Ashila got angry too.
"I never want to hear this foolish nonsens again, Ashila. You will marry Hunter, you are engaged to him since you were born."
"But I don't even like him; he's mean and arrogant. I don't want to marry him!"
At that moment Hunter approached Ashila and her parents. "Ashila, I'm happy to see you. I heard that you have been accompanied by a vulture. How did this happen? This scavenger isn't worthy company." Hunter was laughing. He was arrogant as always.
Ashila turned her back at them. "You're not worthy company. You don't know how to be nice to someone or to help someone else apart from yourself." Ashila flew away and her mother followed her.
"Don't pay attention to them. They are fools. They don't get along with changes or with differences."
"Thank you Mom."
"I want to meet your friend; you speak so kind of him."
Louie's family was also happy to see him again. And when they met Ashila and her mother they were happy for Louie, that he had found such a nice friend. They talked much about their homes and that they missed to be free. Ashila had an idea, how they might be able to escape from this place, but that would require them to work together. When Ashila shared her plan to all the birds in the cage she got various reactions. Many were happy, but some, especially her father and Hunter were distrustful.
"Why do we have to work together with the vulture? They can't be trusted!" her father said.
They started arguing very loudly and Ashila became desperated. She thought that she would never get out of there.
"Be quiet!" It was a big owl who began to speak. "Stop arguing about your stereotypical ideas of each other. It doesn't matter who you are or of which kind you are. We're all trapped in here and we all want to escape. You have to get along with each other!"
Everyone was quiet. Nobody dared to make a sound. Ashila was the first who started to talk. "So, does anyone take issue with this plan?" They answered by shaking their heads. At the feeding time, her plan was meant to take place.
When the keeper entered the cage, a few birds attacked him and a vulture and a hawk held the door open, so the others could escape. Louie was the last one left in the cage; he held the keeper down, so he couldn't prevent their escape.
"Now Louie, come! Let him go and fly away." Ashila shouted.
He took to the air; closely escaping before the door shut again. All birds flew away together and no one looked back. After this the vultures became part of the "birds of prey community" and a few years later Ashila and Louie gat married.

And they lived Happily ever after.

This storry takes up the main problems of the film "East is East" and I presented them simplified, so that they are more understandable for children.
At the beginning I selected the problems of the film and I found those three main problems:
- arranged marriage
- cultural differences
- homosexuality
Following this, I considered how I could get them simplified for children. I came to the conclusion that it would be too difficult to explain the topic "homosexuality" to children. That's why I chose the other two points for my story. I wanted to explain the cultural differences with Ashila, the eagle and Louie, the vulure.
To explain the topic "arranged marriage" I thought, that Ashila and Louie want to be together although Ashila's parents have chosen a hawk for her. That Ashila's parents are against Louie is meant to show the problems of cultural differences too. Everything else in my story is embellishment.

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