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Earnest Hemingway - Referat

Earnest Hemingway !

Im going to tell you more about Earnest Hemingway and his life.
Hemingway was one of the most popular authors in the 20thCentury.
His most famous novel is " The old men and the sea " (1952). With this novel
he got the "Pulitzerprice" in 1953 and also the "Novelprice" in 1952.

Hemingway was born in Oak Park ( Illinois ) on 21.July 1899.
After his time on the Oak Park High School he began a career as a reporter in kansas city.(1917)
In 1918 he worked as a driver for the american field service. That was a sanitary transportgroup in the
first worldwar.In so doing he was deeply wounded twice.
He went back to the USA in 1919 and his literary work began. He was a staff member by the news paper
"toronto star". His activities as a journalist let him go to Chicago , where he also met his future wife Hadley Anderson.
His wedding was in Horton way in the year 1920. After that, he was traveling from italy over spain through to the near/middle

In 1921 he migrated to Paris , where he write "Three stories and ten poems"(1923).Shortly afterwards his son John Hadley
Nicanor was born. Two years later he got to know his second wife Pauline Pfeiffer. They were married in 1927.The same year,in
which he divorced from his first wife.
1925 his work " in our time" was published, in which were 32 short storys.
A good many of them are Hemingway-classicers today like "indianerlager","der doktor und seine frau" oder "das ende von etwas"
1926 "the sun also" in a german edititon followed named "fiesta".
It was about the Lost Generation,who witnessed the first worldwar
This was hemingways first big success in his authorcareer.
After e followed work in 1927 "Men without women" , his second son Patrick was born.
In the same year his father commited suicide .One year later his third son Gregory came
into the world.
After further novels he traveld to Kuba and began to work on "for
whom the bell tolls".Great many of his reviewers say that the novel "For Whom the Bell tolls" was
far and away the best work. In this novel he worked up
his experiences from the spain civil war.
1940 his second marriage was divorced. His third wife was martha gellhorn. With her , he traveld to the asian war zone
in the second world war. He began to write further novels, within " the old man and the sea" , which is his most famous work.
In this novel the peak of his literary achievement is visible overarticulately (überdeutlich).
During two days "the old man and the sea" is sold 5 Million times.
He went on a europetravel and a africasafari and survived two airplane crashs in the year 1954.
1959 he traveled to spain for the last time .1960 He suffered from depressions and drank alcohol ; he were handeled by an
electroshock therapy. Becauso of his illness he was sent to the mayo-klinik, in which he repeatedly try to kill himself.
On 2.July 1961 he shot himself in his house in ketchum.

In general, hemingways storys were often refer to feelings, fear and he worked up topics like braveness,
faithfullness,maleness,war or also the relationship between male and female.
His unique style to write is marked by his clear expressions and the simple choice of words, which
has not so much act but all the more existential background information and that honours him as a special author.

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