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Drugs - Referat


What says the „Pleasure“Theory?
This theory suggests that people take drugs because they like the effects.

How many kinds of theories are there?

What can be the dangers of drug?
Having an accident
Some drugs may depress or stop breathing
Accidental overdose can lead to unconsciousness or even dead
Addiction or dependence, after regular use.

Explain in English “drug addict”:
Somebody who cannot do without drugs

How does Heroin look like?
It’s a white or speckled brown powder.

How can you smoke “Hash”?
In a reefer (joint) or pipe

What is a designer drug and in which form can it be?
Ecstasy; It can be in tablet, capsule, powder or liquid form.

What is another word for Cannabis?
Pot, Dope, Hash, Grass

What says the “Because it’s offered theory”?
Nobody has a reason to take drugs. Most people take drugs because they were offered to them.

Describe the feelings during a drug trip! (4)
• Hallucination
• Feeling of persecution
• Feeling trapped
• To lose one’s sanity
• To have panic attacks
• Lose one’s sense of reality
• Feeling frightened
• Dissolving into things
• Losing control

Describe the feelings after a trip! (4)
• Sweating
• Pain in the stomach
• Feeling exhausted
• Suffer from a headache
• Feeling dizzy
• Dehydrated
• Nervous
• Depressed, frightened, anxious, shaking
• Sleeplessness (insomnia)
• Freezing

What are the effects of LSD?
• Produces glazed eyes
• Sometimes overexcitement
• Acute confusion
• Ideas of persecution

What is a “pusher”?
A pusher is a dealer. That’s a person who deals with drugs and so it’s a kind of a bad person because he “hurt” other persons and not himself.

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