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Drugs - 2.Version - Referat

Cannabis is in the Federal Republic Germany to most common illegal drug. Also tobacco and alcohol play an important role for the Cannabis consumption. THC affects a row of mental functions and endangers not only the cannabis consumer himself.

How does Cannabis work?
The consumption of cannabis releases a Rusch by the THC contained in it. THC affects the perception, thought processes, memory, or people´s mood. Humans react thereby to Cannabis completely differently: According to dose and consumption kind as well as momentary condition of the consumer the effects are very different When does the consumption become problematically and how this appears?

When does the consumption become problematic and as shows up that?
That entrance-older into the regular consumption is considered as an important indicator to a craze endangerment. Children and young people, who already regularly consume cannabis at the age of 12 to 15, are endangered particularly to become dependent. Cannabis impairs the physical functions of humans. That is called concentration ability, attention and memory decrease, mouth and throat concrete is drying, hunger increases, it arises feelings of dizziness, the entire movement an reflexes slows down. Cannabis consumption can lead in the youth an inadequate development. The danger of a psychological dependence at long-term consumers on cannabis is given. In individual cases can psychoses to appear.
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