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Dropping the Curtains - Referat

Dropping the curtains

It was just in that moment when Joe jumped back and shouted at Drew with a loud, furious voice his hands curling into fists .
„Don't touch me, back off, leave!!! How can you dare saing anything like that to me???“. Drew looked at him with fear in his eyes, looking more than anything else confused and scared at him.
„But, wait, calm down, let me explain...“
„There is nothing that would be worth being explained. Just get the hell out of here and don't come back!Leave! NOW!“
He took a step forward, attempting to hit Drew. Totally shocked, Drew decided that it would be better not to stay, turned around and left the room without a saying a word, slamming the door .

Joe sat down on his bed, listened to the sound of Drew's footsteps, heard him rumbling down the stairs. Another door being slammed. He was gone. Good, he had left. Thank God! But no...no...not good at all...
What had he done? Why did he react like that?
Why did he give up his friend? His best friend. Drew would not be able to forgive what Joe had done to him. He was being violent, he wanted to hit him, didn't want to believe what Drew had just said. Why did Drew tell him about it? Wasn't their friendship worth anything to him anymore? No, it was not the time to be mad at someone who had just told him his deepest secret, his strongest fears, emotions. Drew was just being honest, Joe the one who could not handle what he was told, he was the one who had overreacted. Why?How could he? How? His thoughts were all confused, going on circles, his head hurt really badly. He wanted his friend to come back.
Who would he go out with tonight, all the other nights?? Barhopping was only fun with Drew. But from now on he would have to go alone, all by himself or with other friends who weren't that much fun. What was about those nights in which they just walked around, drinking, singing, not caring about a ingle person? What about those nights at the movies? What about the nights at home hanging out with friends, playing cards, going to the casino???
He couldn't belive what he had just done. He had destroyed a friendship which had been there for a long time. He actually couldn't remember for how long. They'd just always been friends. Until this moment. He had seen it in Drew's eyes. He was hurt, felt misunderstood, he's lost his trust in Joe. He didn't want him as a friend anymore. He was scared of him. How could you have a friend of whom you are scared?

And it was all his fault.

Joe walked up and down in the room feeling depressed, guilty.
Drew had been so emotionally moved when he left. What, if he had an accident on his way home? It would be his fault! He had to call him, he had to apologize. But what would he say? „Whatever it was, it doesn't matter“, he said to himself “just give it a try...“. He picked up the phone, dialed Drew's number. There was the usual „Ring, Ring, Ring“ noice which almost drove him crazy. He whispered:“ Please, pick up the phone, come on buddy, pick up the fuc**** phone, come on...please, buddy.. pick up the phone, just pick up“. He was just going to hang up when he finally heard Drew's voice. He started to talk but stopped at once „Hi, this is Drew. I am not available right now, please call back later or leave a message if you want me to call back. Peeeeeeeeep.“

Joe was stunned but started to talk „Hey it's Joe. Drew, if you are there, please talk to me..come on...“. There was a weird sound and then Drew talking „I'm Here, what do you want?“.
„Man, I am so glad you are home...“
„WHAT do you WANT???“
Shock! He had never heard Drew talking like that. He was ice-cold. Absolutely no emotion in his voice, no happiness that Joe called him. Just a dead cold rejection. But there was also a sound in his voice that made Joe tremble, his hand was shaking. You could hear that it wasn't easy for Drew to talk like that, you could hear that he had just cried. Why did he cry? Because of him? Joe was horrified.
„I was scared that anything happened to you. Listen, buddy, I'm sorry for what I did... I...“
„Just shut up. I don't need or want to talk to you. Don't even bother calling again.“

He hung up the phone. He really hung up on him! How could he? Joe stared at his phone, not knowing what to do. He felt some disappointment coming up. How could he have been that foolish? How could he have believed that once he said sorry everything would be ok again? How stupid had he been? But what should he do? Sit around and do nothing? No, never. He wouldn't give up. But why should he bother trying to save a friendship which wasn't wanted by the other one? Drew hated him. Why did he hate him? He was the one who started the whole thing, Drew was the one who couldn't hold back. He wasn't the one who had changed everything. How could Drew dare telling him anything like that? True or not true, didn't matter, he didn't want to hear it. Not at all. Why did Drew force him to listen? That was just not fair. Jeeze, he himself was not being fair either. He should rather go and try to save what was important.

Joe hurried to the bus station, saw the bus standing there, hopping on when it was just going to leave.He was on his way... Why didn't the bus go faster? It seemed to him as if it had the speed of a snail. When he finally saw Drew's house and the bus station in front of it he jumped off his seat yelling at the bus driver to stop. He run to the house and and wanted to open the door which didin't move at all. Joe was surprised, usually the door was always open when Drew was at home. Maybe he just wanted to be lonely? „Sure, that must be it“, Joe thought. He knocked on the door, yelling Drew's name. He watched the house carefully waiting for a sign of life in it. What if Drew got hurt within the 15 minutes it took Joe to get to the house? No, that couldn't be. He started yelling again, kicking
the door, waiting for Drew coming up smiling, telling him, that everything was ok. But nothing happened. Silence. No movement. Joe got all mad,restless, run around the yard, screaming and shouting at everything that got on his way. He threw stones up to the windows, hoping for Drew to notice him. Nothing. How could he ignore him? Why did he do that to him? Hold on, there was a movement. But not in Drew's house. The next house's door opened and an elderly woman shouted: „He ain't home! He left 5 minutes ago!!!He took a bag, it looked as if was staying at some other person's house over the weekend. And now leave us alone and shut the f*** up!!!“. She looked at him as he was insane, crazy, not aware if what he was doing. She closed the door and you could see her looking threw the window, still scared, turning the key.
Joe had been standing there without moving since the woman told him that Drew was gone. He was just staring at the house. He couldn't believe it. Drew had left. Just left. He had left because of him. Not of some other person. Because of him. Drew had left because of the fight with him. Joe couldn't stand those thoughts, turned around and left, not looking back once.

The next days, Joe tried to call Drew several times, leaving messages on his answering machine. Nobody called back. He called all the hospitals in the area trying to find out if anything had happened to Drew. He was relieved everytime he was told that there was no Drew J. Ross in the hospital. But still, if he was at the hospital he could find him. He would know where he was. He didn't like that tought and tried to be happy that Drew wasn't hurt. Well, at least not in a hospital in this part of the country. Maybe he was hurt and not getting any help???No, that couldn't be true. No... He was sure, that everything was alright. At least, that was what he tried to tell himself...

Sunday night there was still no sign of Drew. However, the next day he would have to be at work. Joe was looking forward to talking to him although he was scared that Drew would not listen to hoim at work either. But he just had to. And if it was just for the company. There couldn't be two employees who hated each other and had to work together. None of tem would give up his career just because of a stupid thing like this. Yes, everything would be fine the next day.

Monday morning, Joe got up earlier than usually and left his appartment in a hurry. He was disappointed when he did not see Drew's car in the parking lot but thought that it was because of him being early. He was still hoping that Drew would come when he went out for lunch. Alone. Usually Drew went with him. In the afternoon he started to be really worried. He was easily aggravated, yelling at everybody who asked about Drew. He was sick of telling lies, sick of not being able to tell the truth. Just because he didn't know the truth. He didn't know where his best friend had gone. He didn't know if he was alright.He just knew that whatever had happened was his fault. And that was something he definitely could not tell anybody. They would not understand it.

Over the next weeks, Joe got more and more depressed, feeling guilty, loosing his hope of Drew coming back. His colleagues stopped asking him about Drew, his desk was being cleaned and he could just watch, he couldn't do anything about it. The following weeks he drank a lot, was late for work, missed his lunch breaks, fall asleep while working and looked all dirty and disgusting. His friends didn't talk to him anymore. He kept drinking. He thought about Drew.
He thought about how much he missed him. He thought about how boring his life was because of being without Drew. He thought about his lonely nights, which he spent at home with a bottle of vodka in watching tv instead of going out to bars, movies or hanging out with friends and with Drew.
He thought how much less fun work was without Drew being there. He thought about how his colleagues talked about Drew now. What they told each other about him, what they suspected why he had left. He remembered how they looked at him as if he was crazy. But they also looked at him as if they felt sorry for what had happened. Maybe they knew more about Drew's whereabouts than he did. Maybe they knew more about what had happened than they said they did.

He missed Drew. His life wasn't worth anything since Drew had left. All those lonely nights he kept thinking pondering on if Drew was alright, if he was having fun, if his life was good, if he had found new friends, a new „Joe“ he could spend his time with.

One night, after having a couple of beers, he was trying to sleep, trying to find a silence in which he would not have to think about Drew. It was in that situation, when an idea started to form in his mind. It was so darn simple, that he couldn't believe it himself. And he had known it. At least his heart had known it for a very long time. He loved Drew. He really loved him. It was jsut that he hadn't wanted to accept it. He had probably loved Drew for as long as he had known him.

And Drew had loved him. He had told him so.
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