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Down the River - Inhaltsangabe - Referat

Down the River

The story „Down the River“ written by Donn Byrne is about a boat trip. Three boys and one girl are going down a river by boat. On there journey they have an real adventure.
Elsa, Otto, Karl and Hans are repairing an old boat because they wants to make a trip down the river.First the boys decides that a girl can’t come with them, but when elsa hides the paddles they say that she could come with them. When they are driving with the boat, they often saw a plane flying round them, which was throwing a red bag down to earth. But they don't think more about that.
Their first aim was the warden’s house. When they get there they saw some smugglers in the house, and they hide but the smugglers find 2 of them. Otto and Elsa could ran awy without be seeing by the smugglers. By runing away Otto hurts his leg by falling in a hole. Karl and Hans who were inside the house by the smugglers get to know that the warden was a convict of the smugglers, like the boys. Elsa was going in the night to the boys, where the boys told her everything. She sneaks into the house and stole the keys, and the boys ran away. Otto has stolen on of the boats of the smugglers and was rowing down the river to the next city. When he was there it was morning and the policeman was taking some men who join the policeman and then they were driving up the river by a motorboat. When they were there they met Karl, Hans and Elsa who were showing the way for policemen. There plan was that Hans and Karl are screaming after the smugglers, and when they're coming out that the policemen could beat them down. That was an good plan and it was successful. But one smuggler was still in the house and he tries to escape in a boat , but he couldn't because a tree wich is fallen into the river barricading the way. Otto was send into a hospital because his leg was aching but the others was waiting for the pilot. but when he came he gets in trouble and crashed into some trees. He survived but he's hurt. Karl and Hans asks themselves what these guys are smuggling and he found an bag filled with diamonds in the plane. The wardens was now free again and Elsa and the boys has a really adventure.

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