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Dogs - Referat


I would like to tell you something about dogs.
The dog is the oldest pet of the peoples. Their ancestors
(Vorfahren) were the wolfs. Dogs lives here since 10000 years.

It gives 300 pedigree dogs of the world. For example
Schäferhunde, Collies, Golden Retrivers, Dalmatiner
and different arts for example.

Dogs are very clever and we can learn him much things.
It gives Domestic dogs (Haushunde). They are playmates
(Spielkameraden) for little childrens and friends for the older
peoples. The heardsmandog (Hirtenhunde) look out
of the sheeps.

We need the avarlanche dog (Lawinenhunde) to the rescue of
much peoples, if they are under a avanlanche or a heap of
rubble (Trümmerhaufen). Guide dogs (Blindenhunde) can help
blind persons about the road. The police dog smells drugs
(Rauschgift) and help the policeman, to catch gangsters.

The dogs costs different money. The cheapest dog costs nothing and the most expensive dog costs about 12.000 €.
The fastest dog is the windhund, he runs sixty, seventy mph fast.

They need very much movement. It is good when you go with the dog in the morning and in the evening of course you can go with it in the afternoon.

It gives much reasons that you buy a dog.
For kids is a dog a good friend and for older people the only
person to turn to when they are alone.

The animal needs fodder (Futter). It´s the best we give their
finish products of the supermarket.

If you have a dog, you must look after his coat (Fell).
With it your healthy (gesund), you must do dental hygiene
(Zahnpflege) with it.

The most of the people are great friens of the dogs. Much popular mans and womans would like to have it.

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