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Do we need robots? - Referat

The topic of my theme is „robots - do we need them?“
The development of robots runs very fast after the second worldwar. 1960 the first industry robot enter the market.
There are so many different types of robots: Household robots, medical robots, service robots, space robots and millitary robots.

The question is: Do we need robots or not?

So there are many situations where we need robots. Robots are everywhere we can not be.
Robots are created to do work we called „annoying“ or „uncomfortable“.
Because of robots we are able to start missions in the space. It´s possible to research other planets like the Mars. Humans can´t research the Mars because of the climatic conditions. The Marsrover called „curiosity“ are created to explore the surface of the Mars. This robot is equipped with the newest technology.

Because of robots we can research the ocean. Robots help to recognize environmental risks for example spilled oil. We are able to see the sea depth and find tailcoats like the titanic which lays on the bottem of the ocean, in 3965 meter depth.
This Autonomous Underwater Vehicles are remote-controlled or are programmed so they can work independent.

Even in crisis area could they very helpful. Millitary robots are looking after mines or are used for deactivation of bombs. So no one soldier have to do this job and get his life in danger.
They are equipped with a remote-controlled arm and a low-lying chassis.
On the top of the arm is a destroying gadget which shoot a powerful water jet into the dynamite chamber of the bomb to deactivating them.

So you can see, robots are very helpful and can save human lifes. A life without them is no longer thinkable. Of course they will replacement workplaces but on the other hand they make life easier. Household robots take care of family members. Especially pensioners without family need such household robots or families which have no time for looking after familiy members especially pensioners.

In Japan are robots really famous. Japanese are abuzzed of them. We will see if europe get abuzzed of robots too or if they don´t trust them.
What is your opinion about robots? Do you think human need them or do you think this will be a danger for human beeings in the future?

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