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Differences between British and Austrian housing - Referat

Differences between British and Austrian houses/homes

At first, Iíve to say, that the lifestyle between Austria and Britain is very different. Austrian people like to stay in a house for years and years. Mostly, they build it and live there, as I said. Sometimes, even the children take on the house and live there with their family. But this lifestyle is quite out of date.
On the contrary, English people like to change their houses every few years and above all they rather prefer staying in flats than in a house. Iíve read that Austrian houses are better built than the houses in Britain. In England youíve got estate agentsí boards standing in front of the houses which are for sale. In Austria itís more difficult to find a house which is for sale. There you have to find an estate agentís office and then ask him/her about the houses for sale in your neighbourhood. Moreover, the houses in Britain are still cheaper than they are in Austria.

In my opinion the houses in Austria are pretty, all the same. I enjoy living here very much. I donít know what it is like to live in England because I have never been to Britain, before, but I believe that you can have a wonderful home no matter in which country you live.

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