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Die fünf Gefährten und der Kampf des Tigers - Bookreport - Referat

I want to introduce the book “Die fünf Gefährten- und der Kampf des Tigers”. The English title is “The five Ancestors- Tiger”. I have borrowed it from a friend.
The American Jeffrey S. Stone, who practises Kung-Fu, wrote the book in 2005. It is the first part of the line “The five Ancestors”. The main characters are the five brethren Fu, Malao, Seh, Hok, Long and Ying, the wretch of the story. Fu is a Cantonese word and means Tiger, Malao means Monkey, Seh Snake, Long crane and Hok Dragon. They got their names from their grandmaster in subject to their different fight styles. The home of these brethren is a cloister in Henan, a province of China in the Year 1650. At the beginning Ying and his army attack their cloister, because he wants to steal the famous Dragon scrolls to be able to learn the Dragon fight style like Hok though he has no success and Fu takes the scrolls instead of him. All escape from the cloister on different ways to save their lives. As Fu comes to a forest, he see tiger hunters and a boy with a young tiger in his hands. That makes him angry and he hurts the young boy. After that he arrives in the hometown of the tiger hunters and that young boy. Because the boy’s father is a governor he knows about the escape of the five monks and puts Fu into a cage. He wants to bring him and the scrolls back to his boss Ying. Malao and a horde of Monkeys attack the transport of the prisoner. Malao rescues Fu out of the cage, but at the end Ying nocks them out and takes the scrolls. Hok arrives, Malao and Fu come around, so they are able to escape. Seh and Long are never seen again.
I like the book because it`s about Kung-Fu and I train martial arts, too. I can recommend the book, because if you like exciting stories, you will love it. In addition you learn about the history of the monks in China and about Kung-Fu.
This was my book report. I hope you enjoyed it. Has anyone a question?

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