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Desperate Housewives - Referat


Desperate Housewives: A series for young people
Desperate Housewives is a trendy series about six women, their family and their bad problems. All the women get in very embarrassing situations.
Exactly at prime-time Desperate Housewives comes on Pro7. It takes place in a little, beautiful, American suburb. In Wisteria Lane live Gabielle Solis, Edie Britt, Bree van de Kamp, Lynett Scavo and Susan Meyer. Mary-Alice lived there,too, but she commited suicide.
Gabrielle was a famoues model, but she isn't a model anymore. Her rich husband gives her many big presents, but Gabrielle cheats him with the young, naive gardener. The gardener loves Gabrielle, but for Gabrielle it is only a short affair.
Bree and her husband go to an adviser to save their broken marriage, because her husband hates that Bree always wants to be perfectly.
Lynett was a very busy businesswoman, but now she has four hyperactive young children and her husband is always on business trips.
Susan was married, but she and her husband got divorced. Now, Susan loves Mike, he is new in Wisteria Lane. Mike still loves his dead wife so Susan hasn't got any chance, gut her daughter helps her to get him.
It is good that it is a bit real life so every women can identify with one of the women. The story is trendy and every episode is exciting. It is bad that it comes so late, because it comes at 21.15 on Tuesday on Pro7. It is really exciting, so watch it!!!!!

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