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Death penalty in the USA - Referat

Death penalty in the USA
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

If you search the internet via search engines for "death penalty", you are likely to find thousands, if not tens of thousands of "hits" to web sites related to the topic. With very few exceptions, these sites are anti-death penalty.
There is a question which should every person think about before the person can say that he is for or against the death penalty. This question is: “What has the death penalty to do with human rights?” I think it has nothing to do with the right of everyone: the right of living. There are many arguments for and against it. But what brings it to us? Every human has this right and I think this right should be respected by everyone.

Worldwide there is the death penalty in 100 states 38 of these you can find in the USA.
There are many arguments which are for or against the death penalty. The death penalty shows the people that if they have committed a crime, they get sentenced.
But what brings it to us? When a person murdered somebody the death penalty can’t bring the family the victim back. There is no sense in it. It has many disadvantages. If the victim of the death penalty was executed, it can’t be undone. There are five methods of execution, these are Hanging, Firing Squad, Gas Chamber, Electrocution and Lethal Injection. Each one is cruel und against human rights. In some cases the victims survive the first execution and have to be executed again. For example: 1946 in Louisiana a 17 year old boy Willie Francis was electrocuted, he survived the first trial. One year later he was executed again. But when persons think is the death penalty justified? The law of the states justifies it in the following circumstances:
• especially gruesome and brutal murder
• more than one victim
• murder together with another crime (robbery, rape, kidnapping)
• murder by payment
• victim was a policeman or prison guard in the line of duty
• Offender is an prison inmate and convicted for a capital crime
• Offender has a violent record
• Offender hires someone to kill, or killing by assignment
But revenge doesn’t fit to the law. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. In the Old Testament of the Bible you can find passages for it but in the New Testament you’ll also find passages against it. But what’s right? Why kill we people, to show that killing people is wrong? In the USA more black people
are sentenced to death than whites. Every person has the same rights not only the withes. Every person, black or white, poor or rich has a right to get a good defence. It’s discrimination for the people. There is another argument against the death penalty; many people think is cheaper to execute a murderer, than to keep him alive in prison. But this argument of death penalty supporters is wrong; in fact the execution is three times so expensive as to keep the criminal lifelong in prison. The persons who sit on death row to await execution are treated like persons without future. Fortunately there are organisations like Amnesty International which fight against the death penalty and for the human right of living. These organisations fight for the people they aren’t interested in the past of the criminal. They fight for all people black and white rich and pure in the same way. It’s good to know that there are people who fight for peace.
I have to say before I got to know these facts of the death penalty I supported it in some cases but know I think in every way it’s cruel and against human rights. White persons were preferred to black persons and mentally disabled person get executed. I think it’s better to sentence persons livelong in prison, so the criminal can think about the crime which he committed. Persons who sit in prison can get free, but people which were executed stay death also if they are innocent.

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