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Death of a Salesman The Loman Family - Referat

The Loman Family
The Loman Family consists of Willy Loman, the Father, Linda Loman, the mother, and their two children Biff and Happy.
Willy is now over sixty years old and still works as a seller. He works far away and is only on the weekend at home. At work he visits people and tries to sell them thinks. He sells not in a store he sells at the door. But this is not easy for an old man so he feels tired and exhausted, burnt out. He often remembers earlier times and sometimes he is not able to make a difference. He loves nature so he is really angry about the new apartment houses which now surround his house. He always is in conflict with Biff but therefore later
Linda Loman is a housewife. She real loves her husband and is longing for harmony in the family. It is not easy for her to back Willy but also to calm him down all the time. She has the difficult roll of a mediator in the father-son-conflict between Willy and Biff.
Biff is the older son. He is thirty four years old but still lives at home like his brother Happy who is thirty two. Biff dream is it to set up a farm maybe with his brother, but for this he would need money that he hasnít got because he has never had a good job for a longer time.
Thatís the reason why he is in conflict with his father. His father calls him a ďlazy bumĒ.
Happy on the other site is his good boy, which will achieve success. Of course he hasnít until yet but he is willing to achieve it and thatís what is important for Willy.
Both boys are become good friends in the past. They even go out in the evening together and have great fun with some nice women.

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