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Death In A Strange Country - Referat

Death in a strange Country
by Donna Leon

Donna Leon’s book is about Commissario Brunetti, who lives in Venice. One day a dead body is found in the ‚laguna’. It turns out, that it was Seargent Foster, a young American from the military base in Vicenza, where he worked as a doctor. Everybody, but Brunetti, belives that it was a robbery murder. Twice Brunetti goes to Vicenza to interview people about Foster’s life
Brunetti reads in the newspaper that Seargent Foster’s superior officer, Dr. Peters, has commited suicide by an overdose of drugs. Our Commissario does not belive that because he knows that she (Dr. Peters) was a declared fighter against drugs. Soon he gets a letter from Dr. Peters, which tells him about a young American boy, who has got into contact with a strange substance and got ill in Viecenza. So Brunetti phones Maggiore Ambrogiani and asks him to find out the address of the boy. Of course Ambrogiani does a good job and so he and Brunetti go to the young American’s house. The boy’s father tells them that they had a picnic at Lake Barics and that his son broke out into a rush when they got home. He also tells that he saw some strange white trucks there. So Ambrogiani and Brunetti go to Lake Barics, wait of these strange white trucks and they really come. They lead the officers into a wood to a sort of dump. When the trucks are away the two find out that it is full of dangerous substances of NATO- countries. Now Brunetti understands. Foster and Peters found out about the dump and told their superior officers about it. So they had to get killed because nobody should know about it. When Brunetti gets home he calls the father of his wife, who is a very mighty man. He tells him that he should clean the dump and that he himself cannot say anything about the case in public because he would get murdered, too. His wife’s father follows his introductions ans so another case is solved for Commissario Guido Brunetti.

So this case turns out to be a case on environmental pollution.
Big parts of the waste produced in the NATO- States are dumped in Italy illegally and Brunetti solves the case.
The waste contained some very dangerous substances which are not only dangerous for the peoples health but for every living being getting in contact with it.

The most imortant characters
Commissario Guido Brunetti: He is a lucky married man with two children. He enjoys eating and loves good wine. He always stays cool and does not lose his sense of humour. He has often been in America and so speaks English very well. He does not, however, like the destruction of his home country, Italy.
Ambrogiani: He is a likeable Maggiore in Vicenza. His personality is similar to Brunetti’s, but the book doesn’t tell anything about his privat life.
Dr. Peters: She is the daughter of a poor American family. She joined the US army because by doing so she only had to pay a few years of her life a good education. At first she seemes to be very ensitive. I, however, think she is a hard- headed woman.

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