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Deanli National Park Alaska - Introduction - Referat

Hello, today I would like to introduce the Denali National Park in Alaska. The name has its origin in the Native American word Denali. It means ďThe HighĒ and itís used for the Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North-America with 6.183 metres, which is a part of this national park.
At first I would like to tell you something about its exact location in Alaska and the park`s history. That fantastic national park is located in south-central Alaska. If you drive on the Route 3 in Alaska you will find it easily. The nearest town there is Healy, which is not bigger than 1700 square kilometres. In this village of 1000 souls you can also find the administration of the Denali Borough and of the national park, which was founded in 1917 as Mount McKinley National Park. 63 years later, on the 2nd of December 1980, the park was renamed as Denali National Park by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conversation Act. As that happened, its area was expanded of about 10.000 square kilometres. Now the park is 24.585 square kilometres large. The increments arenít so hardly protected like the original national park zones. From these preserve areas, the national park got its second name, Denali National Park and Preserve. Interesting is also the variation of the park`s landscape. So consists for example the south side of high mountains, e.g. of the Mount McKinley. But in the opposite direction, there is wide and hilly tundra, where lots of rivers and first of all sub glacial streams are. Near to the topic of the landscape is also the theme of the flora together with the fauna. Both themes have a very positive specialness. Neither the plants nor the animals suffer from the human influence in this national park. There are 37 species of mammals, which is quite much in this subarctic climate. The most popular animals are the Grizzlies. But if you are in the Denali National Park, you are often able to see a deer species, the caribou. They are closely related with the European reindeer. In 1940 lived about 25.000 in the national park. But in 1975 the rangers counted only 1000 of them. Until now, the reason of this big animal dying is unknown. But today the number rises constantly. These two animal species are the most known ones there. In addition, there live e.g. wolfs, elks, beavers and lots of birds. Sadly you cannot watch them the whole year. Rather in the summer than in the winter, because they canít bear the temperatures under minus 25 degrees in winter. In spite of these temperatures there is a very species-rich and coloured flora in the Denali National Park. It`s amazing that rangers found 425 different plants in the area of the park. Thatís because the sun shines on
100 days a year 18 hours per day and then the flora prospers. Typical trees are spruces, birches and pasturages up to the tree limit of 800 metres. In the summer you can see any kinds of grass, blooming mosses and bushes. This beautiful fauna goes up to 2200 metres- the limit of vegetation. Now I would like to present you some activities, which tourists could do in the protected national park zones. There are lots of activities, which can be done just because of the Mount McKinley, for example climbing. Because of that highest mountain of North-America lots of well-known climbers come to Alaska to have fun on it. Climbing season goes from April to August. If you want to climb higher than 3000 metres, you need a licence. Another much liked activity there is hiking. But attention- the very fewest trails are marked and on your way in the wildness you have to cross rivers with ice cold water. That`s why you must be well-prepared- also at hiking. The next activity, which can be done there, is more relaxing than wild. Right, it`s fishing. Fishing is allowed there without a licence, but you mustn`t catch more than 5 kilos of fish a day. Rafting on the Nenana River, which builds the east border of the Denali National Park, is even more dangerous. I think that are enough activities to show you, how variegated the Denali National Park in Alaska is. That was my introducing of this national park. I hope I could tell you some interesting facts about it. Do you have any questions?

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