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Dead Poets Society - Referat


The book Dead Poet’s Society tells about the Welton-acadamy, their students and their teachers, especially Mr.Keating. After Todd Anderson arrives, he gets many friends. His first friend, and so his best friend, is named Neil Perry. The names of his other friends are Knox Overstreets, Charlie Dalton, Richard Cameron, Steve Meeks and Gerard Pitts.
Mr.Keating is their English teacher. In their first lesson he tells them of “Carpe Diem”, what means “Size the day”. He shows them old pictures of students, who absolved the Welton-acadamy. He says that they all are shouting “Carpe Diem”, because they haven’t lived their life.
When the boys find out that Mr.Keating was at his school time a member of the “Dead Poets Society”, they form this group new. Inspired of their teacher they read poems and sing songs. They even use tabacspipes.
When Knox was invited for a meal with the Danburys he fell in love with a girl named Chris. She invited him to a party. On this party he drinks very much alcohol and he says every time to himself, “Carpe diem”. So he kisses Chris while she was sleeping. Her boyfriend beats him up and he says, “When I see you with my girlfriend I’ll kill you!” Although Knox is afraid he meets Chris again.
One evening some girls come to the cave of the dead poet’s society. Dalton wants them to enjoy the dead poet’s society, so he writes an article for the school magazine. Mr.Nolen, the headmaster of the school, doesn’t want this club, so he punished Dalton and warned all students not to join the dead poet’s society.
Neil does what his father wants, and his father wants him to study very much. But Neil wants to be an actor. At first he is allowed but when his father arrives Neil has to go with him. His parents ordered him to go to a military academy, but he doesn’t want to. He was tired of live and so he shot himself. Mr.Nolen thinks that Mr.Keating is guilty because he tells them to life their lives. So he has to leave Welton- academy.

Christoph Manucredo

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