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Dead Poets Society Teil3 - Referat

The Welton Academy seems to be a boarding school for boys, which is very conservative of tradition. The whole school looks like the rooms, where the boys live and sleep: Without any individuality or any special customs. The building seems to be like an old castle, where the school was founded in 1859. But this boarding school is also one of the best private schools and itís a good preparation and an important foundation to get in one of the Ivy League schools. Therefore the school has four main principles: Tradition, honor, discipline and excellence.
The pupils are male; because itís an academy for boys only (girls arenít allowed!). They seem to have rich parents, who are interested in tradition, a good education for their children and their childrenís success.

Charlie, because he seems to be the boss in their room. He always wants to be right.
Neil, because he seems to be the main character.
Todd, because he is the new one; the films starts with his start at this school.
Mr. Nolan, as a director, he is like a head for this academy. He is strict and makes the film
interesting because of his controls.
Mr. Perry, because he is strict too, just like Mr. Nolan. This makes doubled strictness for Neil,
who seems to be the main character.
Mr. Keating, because he is the new one Ė like Todd. But above all he has his own ideas and
seems to know, how to teach such boys.

Mr. Keating says Hell-ton, because itís in rhyme with Welton. But itís important, that he
uses the word hell because of the strictness. Mr. Keating knows too, that the teachers normally donít use any teaching methods with individuality Ė conformity is something he doesnít like at all. And he uses this word, because of the schools claim. Itís really difficult for the pupils to accomplish all the school work.

Mr. Perry doesnít want to accept Neilís opinion, because he thinks to know, what Neil can or not.
He doesnít trust in Neil: Even as Neil became the assistant editor for the school annual this year he thought, that Neil wouldnít make it. He prefers a very good education to Neilís hobbies and interests, although Neil said him, that heíll accomplish both: Get a good education and become a good actor. Mr. Perry is very strict and wants to be respected in public, because he always wants to be right.

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