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Dead Poets Society Teil2 - Referat

Conformity vs. Individuality

1) Conformity is, when somebody is influenced by an other person.
In the film “Dead Poets Society” conformity is already expressed by showing the first scene: The pupils have to list the four pillars: Tradition, honor, discipline, excellence.
Through the whole film the pupils have to wear uniforms. We also see, that Neil Perry has to fight with his father’s conformity, as his father said, that Neil has to drop the school annual.
In the course of the film we see how the pupils fight against this way of living with conformity: They refounded the “Dead poet’s society” and started liking Mr. Keating’s teaching methods, which showed, how individual they are.

2) Individuality is, if a person is separate from the others, possesses his own needs, goals, desires and thinks by himself.
In the film “Dead Poets Society” individuality is, in the most parts of the film, expressed by
Mr. Keating, who shows, that all are individually. He makes them clear, that they have to have their own thoughts, to learn, that everybody learn differently. He says them to think by them self to realize, that they aren’t same. He also explains, that even books aren’t always right and challenges his pupils to rip out some pages to show, that they have to learn to think independently of their books. Therefor he says, that their words and thoughts can change the world, to encourage them. Mr. Keating taught his pupils also to make use of their time; “carpe diem (seize the day)” he said.
For his opinion, Mr. Keating even argued with the principle Mr. Nolan: “Well, your reprimand made quite an impression, I'm sure” and after Mr. Nolan asked, why Mr. Keating marched with his pupils on the courtyard, Mr. Keating answered: “Oh, that. That was an exercise to prove a point. Dangers of conformity. That shows, how much Mr. Keating hates conformity.

He shows, that individuality is more important than conformity, because he knows, that it isn’t important to learn, what is written in books, but to know, how to live and think independently – this is more important for his pupil’s future. Before Mr. Keating
was their teacher, this pupils learned, just to learn, what is written in books - so they never had the chance to think by them self. This changed, as Mr. Keating became their teacher, who hates conformity.
That’s why Mr. Keating tries to teach individuality.

3) If I think about the film, I remember, that individuality was more important than conformity, because conformity was already there, but the boys had to fight for individuality.
In my life, I have few things where I think, that conformity is very important. Sometimes it’s really important to have someone, who influence me – like Mr. Keating helped his pupils with
a thought-provoking impulse. But if you have such a “food for thought”, conformity isn’t important at all. That’s how individuality became more important than conformity in my own life.
Summarizing I would like to say, that both are important: Conformity as well as individuality, but the big difference is, that we often have to experience conformity even if we don’t want to and often have to fight for our individuality.

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