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Dead Poets Society Teil1 - Referat

Mr. Keatingís teaching methods

I like Mr. Keatingís teaching methods, because he often starts to talk very detailed with his pupils and by talking to them he helps them to get their self-esteems. And he isnít just a person, who commands respect, but he lets his pupils talk with him, think by their-self, and thatís how the pupils get their rights too. So Mr. Keating becomes a trusted person for his own pupils more and more. Thatís important for a good relationship between a teacher and a pupil. Mr. Keating also shows, that everybody is individual and that everybody should have his own words and thoughts.
Everyone should find his own walk, Mr. Keating said.
The pupils are encouraged by Mr. Keating, to make their own experiences, and Mr. Keating helps and challenges them to think self-dependently: So Mr. Keating makes his lessons supporting for interested pupils.
But I dislike, that he demands the same work from all of his pupils, thatís why they donít have the choice, what they want to do: For example he wants all of them to write a poem and they donít have the possibility to do an other work. Mr. Keating often wants all his pupils all having the same abilities and skills (For example as Todd forgot to do his homework one day, Mr. Keating taught him by force). So Mr. Keating shows that heís also able to teach with a little bit conformity.
The aims of Mr. Keatingís teaching methods are: Ripeness, personality, character, evolvement of individual skills and to use more individuality and less conformity.

Summarizing I want to say, that Mr. Keatingís teaching methods unfortunately need much time, because the pupils learn less from their books, but they learn more important things for their lives. And Iím sure, that you can learn many important things with Mr. Keating, even if he exaggerates sometimes with his being a romantic. Above all I like his way of talking and living with his pupils.

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