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Dead Poets Society Teil 4 - Referat

Changes: hero worship and disillusionment

3) Knox Overstreet starts to seize the day as he knew Chris Noel at the dinner at the Danburry's house. Since then he has seize the day to show Chris, that he loves her and he wants her to love him. He seizes his time to write poems to Chris and asks her to go out with him, even after Chet had trounced him. He knows, that Chris has already a boyfriend, but Knox says, that he can't stop loving her: ” I can't care. I love you, Chris.” he said.
So Knox found a way to seize the day; he found his passion for Chris (“I can't take it anymore. If I don't have Chris, I'm gonna kill myself.”), tried to become her loving him – and he achieved his aim.

I understand her reaction, because Knox went over the top with asking her for her love. Although Knox knows, that Chris has a boyfriend he annoyed her because we doesn’t wanted to accept, that Chris is just like (but don’t love!) him. She already said him, that she doesn’t love him but he talked to her in front of all the pupils in her school and finally he read his poem to Chris in front of her class and stultified her. He did it even though Chris was really nice to him and invited him. I think I wouldn’t have reacted like Chris, if I would be she, but I would have shouted at Knox and I think I would have said: “I never want to see you again or ask I’ll ask Chet to kill you”, even if I like him.

I think Knox has broken only his own limits, since he has started to show Chris, how much he like her. It was the right decision to write a poem to Chris and to call her (“Yawp! Can you believe it? She was gonna call me. She invited me to a party with her.”) but I think it was
a mistake to go over the top and stultify her in front of her class (but maybe it was necessary). He started to break his limits, as he decided to call Chris to have a change in his life (“That's just my problem. I've been calm all my life. I'll do something about that.”). He also broke his limits, as he said, that it doesn’t matter if Chet even kill him.
Finally Knox asked Chris to go to the theatre play with him and gave his word; as he took her hands in the theatre.
I never would have done everything, what Knox did, because Knox proved, that he’s very brave, although he was very annoying. He found the way to seize the day.
To write the poem and ask her to go to the theatre with him was alright but he went over the top, as he talked to her in her school.
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