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David Beckham 3 - The Biography - Referat

David Beckham:
Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
Today I'm going to be talking about the biography of David Beckham.

Who is David Beckham?
He's one of the most popular and most famous footballer of the world and he was born in Leytonstone, England on the 2nd May, 1975.
Leytonstone is a area in the East of London. Here you can see it on the map of London.

I will start with a list of data’s of his success in his football era and at the last point I'ill talk about his private life.

Manchester United:
Now let me turn to the details of his football career.
In 1991 when Beckham was 16 years old he joined the football club Manchester United. He played his first match at the coca-cola-cup. In the year 1993 he became a professional football player by Manchester United. Already with 16 the trainers have seen that David Beckham was an extraordinary (ausergewöhnlich) football talent. He has played there until 1995. And then he switched to Preston North End. But he was there only a few months. He went back again to his old club, ManU.
In 1996 he won his first champioship. In the next year the middle field player and his team won again the premier league. In the year 1999 he won the champions league with ManU and then at the vote to the World footballer of the year he won the second place behind Rivaldo. The following year Manchester United won again with David Beckham the Premier League

He played 265 matches and shot 62 Goals for ManU.

David Beckham played for the first time in an international football match for England in 1997.
In 1998 he played in all qualifying matches at the football world championship.
In the first part of the world championship he shot his first goal in an international football match against Colombia for England. But in the eighth finals the referee disqualified David Beckham because of an unfair attack to another player.
In the European Championship 2004 the British national team dropped him out because of a bad penalty kick. The fans blamed David Beckham for the defeat

He played 117 international football matches and shot 17 Goals for England.

At the UEFA champions league 2003 Mr. Beckham’s metatarsal (Mittelfußknochen) broke.

Real Madrid:
As the summer 2003 transfer window approached (nahte) Manchester United was forced (war gezwungen) to sell Beckham to FC Barcelona but instead (stattdessen) the player joined the Spanish champions Real Madrid for 35 million Dollars on a four-year contract.

He played 116 matches and shot 13 goals for Real Madrid.

Los Angeles Galaxy:
Beckham left Real Madrid in 2007 and moved to Los Angeles Galaxy. Beckham's deal with the Galaxy was a 5-year contract for AMAZING 250 Million Dollars.
He played 45 matches and shot 8 Goals for the

Ac Milan:
Beckham tryed a new start in the English national team in 2008.
Beckham's success in the England national team under Fabio Capello led to speculation that he might return to Europe. On October 2008, Milan advised (anküdigen) that Beckham was to join them on loan (ausleihen).

He played 18 matches for Milan and shot 2 goals. He is still playing for Milan.

Let’s move on to his private life.
Now I digress for a moment from David Beckham to his family. Victoria Adam is a British singer, originally in the girl band the Spice Girls.
In March 1999 his first son was born. They baptized (taufen) him Brooklyn.
In November Victoria Adam and David Beckham got married. The second son Romeo was born on the 1st of September, 2001. His third and last son „Cruz“ was born on February 2005.

In April 2007, the family purchased (erwerben) their new Italian villa in Beverly Hills. The mansion, priced at $22 million

David Hot:
In 2004 her happy image suffered when a lot of women claimed (behaupten), that they had affairs with David. Victoria is fed up with all the rumours (gerüchte) about this and her marriage. Therefore both Victoria and David decided to produce a reality soap like the Osbournes. Victoria said that with this reality soap they could show what they really feel for each other. They decide themselves what they will show in this soap.

Now I go back to my earlier point, David Beckham, it is also the last point of my presentation: David Beckham goes to Hollywood! He got some offers from Hollywood. First of all he shall get a minor part in a film called “Goal!”: A teenager lives in the street of Los Angeles and after years he will become a great footballer in Great Britain.

David Beckham still plays for AC Miland and he dont want to stop!!

Now I am at the end of my presentation about David Beckham.

If there are any questions, please ask me.
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