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Creative writing- fictional story - Referat


Kendrik is a 29 year old man who can’ talk. He meets Lili and wants to date her, from the first second he sees her.

Rising Action:
1) Lili doesn’t know Kendrik
2) They meet one day, because they live in he same neighborhood
3) Kendrik helps Lili carrying something, but the situation is weird, because Kendrik doesn’t talk
4) After the attack Kendrik helps Lili getting over the shock
5) Lili understands how much she means to Kendrik
6) Kendrick has a great idea how to show Lili his love with out even saying it
7) They get married and learn from each other every single day.

Climax: Lili gets attacked and is rescued by Kendrick.

Resolution: Lili notices how much Kendrik cares about her and they spend time.

Character development: Kendrik is a well-built guy with dark hair and ocean-blue eyes. He wasn’t able to speak, from his birth right away. Ken works at a beach-bar and lives in a nice neighborhood in Marlin-Harbor.

Lili is a smart woman, who lives in the same neighborhood as Kendrick. She has blond hair and likes to be in the sun and on the beach. They get to know each other and fall in love.

Theme: Showing love means more than just saying it.

It was one of the hottest days in Marlin-Harbor this summer. The little town on the coast of California hasn’t had this high of a temperature for years. It was great to see the people sitting in the restaurant of Ms. Miller down at the beach, eating their lobsters with smiles on their faces, as bright as the sun itself. If there was a picture perfect summer night, this one was probably one of them. Kendrik Love was on his way home. He worked at a little beach bar, which he had just decorated with palm-leafs and colorful plastic-parrots. When he was just about to enter his house, he saw that woman on the other side of the street, carrying two heavy bags of the local supermarket. There were a lot of questions in Kendrik’s head, every time he saw her. What was her name, where did she live, was she married? Even if he would be able to speak, he would be too shy anyway. Kendrik was definitely never the type of man, who had different girls every weekend, but something inside his head, compelled him to walk down the three steps in front of his door. He jogged quickly over the road until he was standing right next to the woman. Wow, you scared me, man!, said the woman.

His heart was pounding against his chest like it wanted to jump out and run away. Afraid that she would notice, he just began to smile. It was probably the most awkward first meeting ever, but the woman took it easy and just smiled with him. After two minutes of standing on the pavement just smiling at each other, she wondered, ‘’May I help you with something or do you want to stay around just smiling for two more hours?’’ Kendrik felt how the excitement let blood shoot into his cheeks and turning
him all red.
‘‘I’m fine with both,’’ she added laughing.

Kendrik reached for the two bags the women had set on the pavement and looked at her with eyes which asked, “Should I carry these for you?”

“Oh thanks, I’m good, that’s nice. But I just live around the next corner,” she responded as if she could have heard Kendrik’s thoughts. He didn’t listen to her and lifted the bags anyway. No big deal, for a well built guy like him, but he wondered how she could carry this all the way. The store was at least a mile away. Kendrik followed her the two hundred meters until they were right in front of her house.

“Thank you! That is so kind of you,” she smiled, when Ken set the bags down. “Would you betrayed me your name or do you want to keep silent for the rest of your life?” she asked and was surprised that the young man in front of her wasn’t laughing about her humor anymore. Ken reached for his pocked and pulled out his drivers license. He handed it to her and waited for her to take it. “Kendrik Love,’’ she read aloud with a voice, which nearly sounded a little fascinated, “Wow, that’s a beautiful name”. Ken felt, that he was turning red again; he wanted to thank her so bad, even if he wasn’t responsible for his name, but he couldn’t. With a questioning look in his eyes, he pointed at her and she slowly recognized why her last joke didn’t find to much excitement. Kendrik didn’t want to keep silent all day. In fact he probably wanted to talk all day, he just couldn’t. “Are you asking for my name?” She felt ashamed for not noticing Kendrik’s handicap earlier, and he could see her feelings for guilt in her sad eyes, which turned happy in the very next moment again after Ken gave her a smile as bright as the Californian sun. Yes! He wanted to know her name; he wanted to know it so bad. ‘’Lili’’ she said, and with the letters coming out of her moth, a stone of excitement fell out of Kendrik’s heart.

- Finn Bachmann

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