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Creative Writing Gran Torino - Eulogy Walt Kowalsky - Referat

Walt Kowalsky always fought without excuses. He fought for his rights and against the things he considered unfair. That was unfortunately the thing that took him from us.
In the last weeks and months, he started a journey that changed his whole life, a journey that made him appreciate life. After his wife has passed away he was very lonely. The relationship to his sons was forced and he hadnít really had many friends. His Hmong neighbors were a thorn in his eyes until a friendship started to establish. We donít know if it was his loneliness that made him overcome his prejudices or the endearing, open girl Sue. She always stood up and said her opinion until Walt started seeing more than just the cultural background and learned to let go of his bad experiences and prejudices during the Korean war. Walt was a veteran and never let go of his former profession. It was always a need for him to fight for his own life and rights. He tried to defend his lawn against a Hmong gang that was bothering the neighborhood, which made the Hmong people admire and thank him. It was not his plan to help his neighbors, but involuntarily he did. He also started to accept the way they were thanking him over time. Thao, the boy next door tried to steal his car because the Hmong gang forced him to do so. He was forced to work for Walt to pay of his debts, which lead to the both of them accepting each other more and more. Ironically, he, the person that tried to steal Waltís treasure was the one given the Gran Torino to in the end. He started feeling connected to him and his family and understand their culture. The contact to the Hmong family made Walt realize what moments he has missed. It was at their house where the shaman told him that he was not at peace which touched Walt. Thao and Walt helped each other and shared their hopes and dreams.

Through this friendship Walt tried to reach out to his children to better their relationship, but still he was sorry about all the time he has lost with them and can never recover lost ground. The influence of the Hmong gang was something which bothered Walt because of his own reasons at first, but after he got to know Thao and Sue it was clear to him that they could never have a peaceful life with
them in the neighborhood. All the bad things they did to his friends made him confront them. He sacrificed his live for Thao and Sue who helped him find peace in the world. He stepped in front of the gang without weapons to make up for all of the bad things he did in his life and he can never take back. Even though the loss of a friend, neighbor, father or grandfather is hard on us never forget that he used his live to make this town a better place. His death was not unavailing and he decided that it was his purpose to get justice. He chose to confront the gang and step in front of them peacefully. Even if he might not regard himself as a hero or savior it was similar to what Jesus did, when he died on the cross. He gave his live and took the pain to overcome the sins of the world. Waltís actions led to the arrest of the gang members and peace in this neighborhood. He was not religious but on the last day of his life he reached out to Father Janovic to go to confession and come after the wish of his wife. Walt learned about life and death in his last months and left this earth with peace in his heart.

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